Hydean Way Shopping Centre c.1960

By Simon Mortimer

Hydean Way Shopping Centre c.1960
Stevenage Museum P9164
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  • We always knew this as Peartree shops (FWIW)

    By David Jackson (18/08/2017)
  • This needs to be renamed ’The Peartree Shops’ as it is opposite the ‘The Peartree Pub’. Hydean way shopping centre was at the other end of the road, known as the ‘The Hyde’.

    By Laurence Baker (04/12/2013)
  • Commonly known as Peartree shops, this shopping centre is in Hydean Way but is not The Hyde. The Hyde is at the other end of Hydean Way and has always been known as The Hyde.

    By Editor (04/12/2013)
  • Hydean Way Shopping Centre. Was this place also known as the Hyde?

    By Gillian Lewis (02/12/2013)
  • Kings the ironmongers and the Home and Colonial.

    By Paul (11/09/2013)
  • i remember as a 4 year old waiting outside the shops with my sister in a pram for mum, a safer time for everyone.The midwife lived near the Hyde, her front door was purple ( mum told me this story), the purple door became a focal point for such a young girl. happy days

    By deborah doherty (08/09/2013)

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