St Michael's School

Main entrance c. 1970

By Pauline Maryan

St Michael's School main entrance c. 1970
Stevenage Museum PP235
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  • I was at St Michael’s from 71-76, generally very happy memories, the school was unusual as it was built as a co ed school but the Sisters wanted segregated education and the council had to build St Angela’s in the town for the girls. It was fairly new when I joined and it was sad to see it demolished in the early 80’s for housing.

    By Tim Goss (15/03/2018)
  • Omg! I am sitting in my house in Melbourne Australia reminiscing about my short time spent at a great school. I left St Michael’s in 1975 with my parent to migrate to Australia and I can’t help feeling a bit sad I never ever kept in touch with my class mates. Definitely along time ago but filled with awesome memories.
    Kind regards Richard James Luff ps if any of my class mates read this message pls feel free to contact me on Facebook

    By Richard Luff (27/08/2017)
  • Wow!!! Brings back memories. I was there 79-83. Seems like a lifetime ago now.

    By Dominic Neale (07/07/2017)
  • I started the school in 1979 and it looked just the same as in this photo.

    By Clive Bacon (18/05/2017)

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