Clark and Greenshields Motorbike Shop

Remember this Queensway shop?

These wonderful photographs of the Clark and Greenshields/Peters motorbike shop which operated in Queensway for many years were provided by Fred Norman.

This page was added on 04/10/2010.

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  • This was my very first job interveiw 1974 went with class mate Tony Paternoster he got the job I got my second interveiw got the job Cramphorns pet shop the good old day when Stevenage was a great town to shop unlike today 

    By Marc Weston (29/01/2015)
  • We use to call this shop Clark and Legshields. I was attending the nearby Stevenage College during 1970 / 1971 and along with a group of mates would often pop in on the way home to gaze at the motorbikes and ask stupid questions. The staff must have been very patient! They had a small sand blaster that they used to clean old spark plugs. I owned an oily old BSA Bantam and remember using this service on a weekly basis.

    By Richard Wheeler (24/06/2013)
  • Ahh! Brings back fond memories of my rocker days when you had to spend as much time maintaining your bike as you did riding it. Couldn’t afford to pay a mechanic on apprentice wages. Without the guys at C & Gs a near impossibility … especially if you had to rely on picking up secondhand replacement parts from Rush Green!

    By Fred Paine (21/10/2012)

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