Stevenage Central Library

Central Library

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  • I have fond memories of Stevenage library in the early to mid-80’s. My brother and I used to spend many a Saturday morning here while my Dad went up to the 1st floor to do his studies for his degree. We remained on the ground floor and read children’s books! The first time I read Lord of The Rings (1984) was a Stevenage library book!

    By Christian Tam (15/04/2014)
  • It wasn’t until I moved away from Stevenage and lived in much larger cities, that I realised how terrifically good Stevenage library was. They helped broaden my reading considerably by cross referencing novels with factual books etc.

    By Kate (03/09/2013)
  • I remember and used this library often.

    By Terri Anderson (19/06/2012)