Memories of School

Valerie Stapleton (née Blackaller)

I started at Barnwell in the first year of the new school in in 1959. Uniform: red and grey blazers — also, the girls had to wear Breton-type hats of grey, with red ribbon at the end of the bottom of rim and white gloves. (Needless to say, this did not last long). I remember all the teachers’ names and Miss Reese is still the most strictest teacher I ever had.

I remember my dad saying that he had never built so many swimming pools as since we moved to Stevenage. (I went to Peartree Junior School and the dads built a pool there for the children and when I went to Barnwell, the dads all helped build the one there, if still there.)

One school holiday I remember is a week in Robin Hood Bay, near Whitby, where we were taught to sail and these lessons continued through the terms on various waters around Hertfordshire.

My memories of those years and all that I learnt there, not only from the brilliant teachers but the life as well, has stood steadfast in my later years. I still live in Stevenage and still see some of the people I met during those years … but at 73 there are not that many still here!

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