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John Lingley

Stevenage has attracted quite a few actors to the Gordon Craig. I have met a few when my friends would all meet up there in the 1970s. Derren Nesbitt used to live in the old town of Stevenage. I said hi to him when he was in his front garden. The actors I best think of that were really great to talk to was Paul Raymond, also Maurice Roaves, who gave me their autographs on the back of some pictures I have just got developed. Adrianne Corrie is a nice woman. Also Adrianne Posta that was the actress in ”Here we go round the mullberry bush”. There were so many actors that my friends and I met it was incredible.

I will finish on this note about the story of the famous photographer David Bailey. He did an advert on t.v. about the camera he used. In the advert was a picture that was just painted. The people wanted to know what the artist had painted. David Bailey asked the painter, ”what’s it called?” The painter replies.”Sunset over Stevenage.” Every time my sisters and brother think of that advert and David Bailey we are left falling on the floor with laughter.

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  • From 1965 to 1969 i lived at 27 Julians Road with my family, and Derren and Anne lived at the end of the road opposite the Bowling Green..
    I was only 8 years old then, so don’t remember an awful lot about, but I do remember the house was lovely..
    I’m not sure where it has gone now…, looks like a massive road now goes thru there..

    By Colin Albright (24/03/2022)
  • MMm Derren Nesbitt spoilt the old town,coz he protested about the new road ,pity

    By paul (16/03/2014)
  • derren nesbitt was married to ann aubrey when living in the old town. Not a happy marriage by all accounts as I went to school with ann’s neice (beverly ceasar) not all memories of stevenage are good for some.

    By debbie doherty (27/09/2013)