George Brown

Peter Wonnacott

George Brown ran a successful motorcycle shop in the Old Town for many years. Along with his brother Cliff, who worked as his right-hand man and bike mechanic, he helped to put the Vincent H.R.D. Motorcycle (also made in Stevenage), firmly on the map. Cliff played a large part in many of George’s successes in the sport of motorcycle sprint racing.

Both brothers initially worked at the Vincent Factory before George left to start up his own shop in Stevenage High Street. Cliff joined him a short while later, and worked with him throughout his lifetime.

George broke many world records on the Vincent Works bike ‘Gunga Din’ and later on other bikes such as ‘Nero’ and a supercharged version, aptly named ‘Super Nero’, which the brothers modified mostly using Vincent engines as the powerhouse.

George is seen in the photograph outside his shop with one of his record-breaking sprint bikes along with his two sons Tony and Graham (c. 1972).

[More information about George Brown at his Wikipedia page and on Great North Road and an extract from brother Cliff’s 1981 book, George Brown: Sprint Superstar, fromĀ  Vincent HRD Owners’ Club here (pdf). Ed.]

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  • i bought a new motorbike from George Brown but before that i used to get spares for my tatty old Ariel sports arrow and he had a wooden box of old bits and pieces which he would look through for the bit you needed if a new part was not available and that was free. Good memories

    By Bill Hughes (07/05/2020)