My parents went out to buy a washing machine...

Sailing Dinghy in Made Feld

Alex Ward

This Photo was taken in Made Feld in Bedwell. My parents Alec and Maria Ward decided to buy a washing machine around 1962 and somehow arrived back with a sailing dinghy kit. It was squeezed through the back gate and assembled in the garden. My parents then joined the North Herts sailing club at the Blue Lagoon in Arlesey. I wonder if there are any other sailing club members around who can remember my parents. My mother to this day cannot remember when we bought the washing machine. Happy Days.

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  • My Dad bought a Mirror kit and made it in our front room…. it didn’t seem that odd to me as a child, but looking back it was outrageous. He had to take the window out to get it out of the house. It was a little later than the boat in the picture, 9452 was the sail number. We sailed at Hawker Siddely sailing club up at Tempsford on the A1. Happy Memories….

    By Richard Dixon (29/01/2024)
  • That’s a Mirror Dinghy, I sailed them at Fairlands lakes while at Barnwell School, it wasn’t long before I was teaching younger kids the art of sailing in the Bosons and Wayfarers they had down there in the early 70’s

    By Cliff Cummings (25/07/2018)