Stevenage Italian!

By Tracey Farish

I have done a lot of family history and have discovered some amazing coincidences. I lived in Stevenage from 1971 until 1984. My parents, brother and sister are still there.

My father’s family we believed hailed from Tottenham and my father came from a long line of Charles Thomas Hawkins.

I got as far back as his great great grandfather and discovered Luigi Landi who had come from Italian to Stevenage of all places. He married an Emma Munt who worked in the White Lion – they met when they were about 14. It is believed Luigi changed his name to Thomas Hawkins because he had a friend called Thomas and he worked for Lord Henry Hawkins.

He has a marvellous obituary in The Tottenham Herald in 1899. But if anyone has more information about the interim years from about 1859 I would be thrilled to hear.

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  • Hi yes you are right, my Great Grand father Charles Hawkins, Luigi Landi came from Italy from a performing Circus and he met a lady to later be known as old Mother Munt and they went to Tottenham as Luigi stayed in England to work on the new railway lines in Crouch End, the same story travels through my side of the family as to how Luigi gained the name Hawkins. When Luigi died apparently there was a massive send off as he was quite a prominent figure within Tottenham, Charles Hawkins went on to run for Mayor of Tottenham yet failed but he had a successful plastering company and held the contract for all the new Woolworth stores that opened in England. My Grand father Edward Hawkins carried on the family business and had 12 children and lived in Leytonstone .

    By Derek Hawkins (20/03/2021)
  • Hi Tracey. Based on your note, I think I’m your Dad’s cousin, John, son of Betty.

    I’ve only recently stumbled across this Italian connection. Do you have any links to the obituary or any verification of the Landi name? I’ve seen an alternative name elsewhere.

    I’d be delighted if you could get in touch.

    Kind regards




    By John Sorrell (17/06/2014)