The Johnson family on Ditchmore Common c. 1925

The Johnson family at Fairlands farm
Arthur Richards

Joseph Johnson is pictured on Ditchmore Common with his daughter Louie and son Gordon.

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  • Mr Madgin has got it right. Was at school in the same class as his Grandfather

    By frederick alan rawlinson (02/02/2018)
  • not at the farm but bordering the limits of the farm which extended to bedwell and included what we now know as the dell and was known as a dell hoie jn 45 acre Lanterns field.
    The scouts had an event pre -war giving aeroplane trips over the area

    By frederick alan rawlinson spectator (25/01/2018)
  • Isn’t the location Bedwell Plash? Looks like the cottages/small farm on the south side of Bedwell Lane just south of the junction with the bottom end of Ditchmore Lane. Today Brent Court is just behind this land.

    By Hugh Madgin (10/06/2013)