Bedwell Shopping Centre

By Simon Mortimer

Bedwell Shopping Centre c.1960
Stevenage Museum P9161
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  • I wounder if it’s the same Nigel pinder from bedwell that spent cold nights hanging out at the lakes , as well as the laundertte .A bowie Fan remember ?!!!. X & cockney Rebel comes to mind .x

    By Liz Ballard (15/01/2019)
  • The barbers name was Tony, little Maltese fella, I can still picture his face!

    By Mick Friggieri (05/01/2019)
  • Cox’s was the butchers. Frank the butcher and my friend and I at 14/15 had a terrible crush on the young trainee ‘Fred’. Those were the days.

    By Jennie Taggart ( Garratty) (16/07/2018)
  • Valerie Webb…do you still live in Exchange Rd…my name is Jennie Plane

    By Jennie plane (25/04/2018)
  • The barber always put a plank on the chair arms for me to sit on while he cut my hair, I hated it. The Gamekeeper off-licence served kids with bottles of beer for their dad’s and penny packets of peanuts.

    By Keith Higgins (28/01/2018)
  • Leslie Faulkner was in my Junior School at Ashtree! Happy days

    By Pat Grogan (27/10/2017)
  • The Greengrocer was called Faulkners, Leslie Faulkner was in my class at Bedwell School, 

    By Keith Allan (16/03/2016)
  • I remember the launderette, it was somewhere to go on those cold nights

    By Nigel pinder (07/04/2015)
  • dont forget the launderette…

    By Helen Mizon (28/10/2014)
  • I lived in Bedwell from 1952 and I was trying to remember all the shops that have been there. Co-op, Hardware, Electrical, Butcher, chemist, Shoe shop, Green grocers, Hairdressers and barber (good place to put a bet on) fish and chips and dont forget Cowleys, with the post office and the Cig machines outside. Hows your memory Valerie.

    By Roy Hooper (19/07/2013)
  • Could this be the only area of Stevenage that effectively got ‘de-pedestrianised’?

    By Tim G (16/07/2013)
  • On Sundays at the shops we always watched the morris dancers. The shops were Fine-Fare, diy shop, fish shop(still the best in Stevenage), butchers, greengrocers, hairdressers and shoe shop and the pub was called the Gamekeeper.

    By valerie webb (05/06/2013)

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