Bedwell Teds

Memories of a real life encounter

By Ian Walls

A Teddy boy punched my face, One day in ’83

He was with two mates of his, but I was just with me.

He saw me walking, eyes cast down, he ran across the street

He said ‘Oi Mate’, as I turned round, he knocked me off my feet.

He ran away, yelled ‘TEDDY BOYS’, and left me shocked and dumb,

I slowly rose and grabbed my bag, then ran home to my mum.

My sister’s boyfriend took me up, my brother and my dad,

Out to the car to sort them out, they were really all quite mad.

Round Bedwell shops, up Six Hills Way, down Homestead Moat and Crossgate,

Up Hillcrest, Colestrete, Cuttys Lane they searched til it got late.

No sign was found of Teddy Boys, quite lucky in the end,

My sister’s boyfriend was a wee bit hard and would have battered them.

The Teddy Boys still roamed around from time to time quite scary,

But it taught me to be more on my toes and kept me much more wary

I’d like to say, if they read this, that I hope they’re doing well,

That in one way I’ve beaten them as I’ll happily now tell

They’d never take me this time round, not quite so easily,

Cos they’d be in their 60’s now, while I’m still 43.

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  • That’s cool carman.i take you up on that jivein thing.get ready to rock gal.

    By Ned (21/02/2020)
  • Yes still rockin

    By Ned (17/02/2020)
  • I never new anything about teddy boys or rockabilly .I met someone den .who used To .be a teddy boy .And still loves rock’n’roll. Den introduce me To rock’n’roll music .I love it every time i hear the music .I cant help my self but To bop away To the music .I dont even do that To music i was in To. I feel like a rock chick. When im boping away To the music lol I espesecially love Lee rocker and stray cats and buddy holly .I love it Ali but them 3 stand out more for me .and i will learn how To Jive if it kills me.

    By carmen (17/02/2020)
  • North herts rnr club every month in b/lyon happy days

    By Tony (12/01/2020)
  • I seen the rebels flying reb flag in the woods.rockabilly Rock n roll LOVE it.they are though guys fred oliver not a teddyboy But knows how To Rock n roll.den he carnt helo himself. Loves Rock n roll.TWO TRUE PROUD BEDWELLIANS.GOD I LOVE THIS MUSIC

    By Tony (11/01/2020)
  • Yo Wayne it’s den get in touch please.all is well.kingsize rock n roll thrills.

    By Billy rocker (13/07/2019)
  • Be bop a Lu la

    By Billy rocker (15/06/2019)
  • Rock n roll will live for ever.rock n roll gose marchin on. Acid to acid dust to drugs if the booze don’t get you the hybrids must

    By Bilkt rocker (07/06/2019)
  • See that Confederate flag flyin tent in monks wood.go YouTube. and search for wrong bend rockabilly*.see the rockabilly lives in the woods

    [*Contains offensive language. Ed]

    By Billy rocker (31/05/2019)
  • Calling Rob byfield to the were rocking late larst night plAying JD mcpearson rockin tunes over the phone to daddy big boots I here

    By Johny knocks (15/04/2019)
  • Sav savage good day to you two.message from BIDDY BYFIELDS younger bro. rockin on

    By Johny knocks (14/04/2019)
  • Long live rock n roll

    By Johny knocks (14/04/2019)
  • Some good rockin wood party’s and we rocked the house at wigram way.bedwell Ted’s there were.i wAs there .Barry Steve Pete Wayne Russ Nigel George Clive Darren den Peter hot Letchworth brian and orhers.long live rock n roll

    By Johny knocks (14/04/2019)
  • Dennis Byfield.
    That name brought back some memories. Still rocking I trust.
    Good health Dennis and a long life.
    Sav Savage, old 80s skinhead.

    By Sav Savage (30/09/2018)
  • The only running the skins did was thru monks wood and across fairlands .and I give you that they were farst.yeehaa

    By Bobby rocker (10/12/2017)
  • Never mind about the bedwell Ted’s…
    The bedwell skins run things back then…

    By Bullhead (13/10/2017)
  • You know theres rock n roll and rockabilly LIVE down old town and the oval.good bands good GOOD ROCKIN so comb your hair and BOP down there, what you got to lose.

    By johny rocks (06/02/2016)
  • God bless rock n roll and (r.billy) any one heard darrel higham hes top quality up to date and rockin, must see.He’s modest but plays a guitar very well. I rate him.he carrys on where eddie finished off.R.I.P.AND THANKS DARREL I PLAY YOUR MUSIC A LOT. LOVE IT.keep on rockin.

    By johny rocks (03/02/2016)
  • Kingside rock n roll thrills to you Tony. Crazy cavern stargazers and more I was there bro.and in still here bigger and rockin harder than ever. Bedwell Teds were it..Pete Wayne Russ. Steve tom Barry.if you’re out there keep rockin

    By Bop (23/12/2015)
  • Rockabilly and rock n roll late 70’s… great club in Bowes Lyon 

    By tony a (06/12/2015)
  • Teddy boys in the eightys? Thats news to me

    By Paul Johnson (30/06/2015)
  • I remember when a load of london teds came down to bedwell. We had a laugh, a few fights and got drunk. They were shocked how rough it was, but we loved it.

    By Dennis Byfield (03/09/2014)
  • Carnt stop so keep rockin.above the shops bedwell you can still hear that crazy it

    By Den Rocks (28/07/2014)
  • Going to shops for me paper.TEDDYBOYS every where on windows walls even on the slabs wernt missed. They even painted the roof on the building across the road. There’s even still bits today. Looks like ROCK N ROLL IS HERE TO STAY.

    By Justin (22/05/2014)
  • I remember the bedwell teds.crazy but not yellow.ask the Glebe MODS they bottled it enough times.and lost scooters when scooter booters (TEDDYBOYS) burnt them.bad boys.

    By Bob (29/04/2014)

    By A TED. (17/04/2014)
  • THANKS BEDWELL time of my life.BOP IT.

    By A TED. (15/04/2014)
  • Oi ian something aint right about your poem. You finished with you are 43 and they would be in their 60s that would make allmost a baby at the time. Sounds like a load of old dribble to me.

    By Bopper (02/04/2014)
  • Bashed in the head by a ted.NOW thats a good poem.

    By beddwell teddyboy (19/03/2014)
  • What a fantastic poem mate!

    By Dan (03/08/2012)