Brook Drive

Me and my younger brother

Peter McAleer

Outside no 77 Brook Drive, taken from the Block. Circa 1960. ‘The block’ was our local name for the rectangle of grass , framed on two sides by 4 semi-detached houses and by Brook Drive and Ashdown Road on the other two. In those days this was right on the outskirts of Stevenage and we often walked across the fields to Knebworth village or played by the brook (the Roaring Meg), especially when we were told not to.

In the summer hols the Block was often the focal point for the local children and friends, where we would play endlessly. At the bottom of Ashdown Road was the Hertford Road, which in those days connected the Roebuck Inn (at the junction with the Gt North Road) with Watton-at-Stone and Hertford.

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  • I lived on the opposite corner of those four houses… the Ashdown Rd side. Happy memories there. I remember Enid well.

    By Chris Smart (14/07/2023)