A tree worth saving

By Pauline Maryan

View in 1988
Pauline Maryan
View in 2008
Pauline Maryan

This fine tree at the top of Fairlands Way was fortunately preserved by the planners of Chells Manor. You could actually see Chells Manor house itself across the fields from this point.








Twenty years later the Community Centre had been built round the tree.¬† The view is taken from outside the Emperor’s Head pub.

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  • Seeing this photo (1988 view) brought back memories of bike rides I used to take, to Walkern. There were two brick cottages next to this tree, where the pub is now, and fields behind, where Pacatian Way is now. Then if I looked to my right across the fields in the distance you could see Chells Manor village. It was just a country road then, just out of town.

    By Sue Bradford (17/03/2018)