Building Chells Manor

Some "before and after" views

By Pauline Maryan

When building at Chells Manor began in the late 1980s, I began to photograph some of the developments.  My particular interest was in the area of the Community Centre, where my church (Hydean Way Baptist Church) held services on Sunday mornings during its first year. At that time I lived in Mildmay Road, and it was possible to walk across the playing fields of St Michael’s School and across Fairlands Way into open country.

Chells Manor Community Centre can be seen on the left across Pacatian Way in the first view, and beyond Valerian Way in the third view.






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  • Very interesting. I am equally fascinated by Chells Manor pond. Many people tell me it was dug out to provide a watering place for cattle and horses. I am not so sure. Certainly, it must be hand made as nothing more than a small dew pond could exist on top of a steep ridge? My pet theory is that perhaps it was a dew pond which was enlarged gradually until it became a clay pit. On plan it has two straight sides — working faces? In my mind this idea links with the construction of the nearby Manor which has a brick foundation beneath a 15th century wooden framed structure. Also a tiled roof. Unless they were made on site where else would bricks and tiles have come from? Chells manor was always an isolated place. I have searched high an low for more information- can anyone help?

    By Rod Moorhouse (20/10/2021)
  • Having just seen a map of Stevenage from 1882 within box wood it’s marked Chalk Pit.

    I too had assumed was a bomb crater but this old map shows otherwise

    By Glenn (01/07/2018)
  • Re: the Box Wood bomb hole, in his book, Martin says that in 1941 a German bomber jettisoned five bombs over the site of Box Wood – one blew a hole in the road and the others landed in the wood so maybe one of those caused the hole.  We live just opposite the wood and walk the dog past the hole each morning.

    By Robert Grant (23/04/2016)
  • I don’t know the answer myself, but it may be found in a book published in 1994 – Martin Mawhinney’s “The book of Walkern, Chells and Box”, available at Stevenage Central Library.

    By Pauline Maryan (20/12/2013)
  • Great pictures Pauline. Just out of interest, does anyone know what caused the ‘bomb pit’ in the nearby Box Wood? Have I answered my own question, or maybe a chalk pit? Or part of a settlement??

    By Luke (15/12/2013)