History of 11 Middle Row & 7 & 9 Baker Street

A History of the Oxfam Shop Buildings in Middle Row

By Peter Bentley

Peter Bentley has been researching the history of the Oxfam shop building in Middle Row, where he works, for the last couple of years. He has now produced this excellent paper and has given us permission to reproduce it here.

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  • I was always told my Mums family lived where the Oxfam shop is now. My Mums family name was Stokes. She and her brothers and sisters lived there in the 1920’s .They went to St.Nicholas school at the bottom of the Avenue.

    By Peter Stokes (03/08/2020)
  • John Buckingham (born 1802) had the pub from 1852, and still had it in the 1871 census. By 1874 his son Charles had taken over, and ran the pub with his wife Margaret until 1895, when he died. In 1897 Margaret was the Licence holder and had the pub until 1904, when J F Newberry took over. Acres was born 1878 and was living at the pub in 1891 and 1901 with his Grandparents Charles and Margaret.

    By andrew briars (06/07/2020)
  • I was told by my father that our family ran the Buckingham Palace in Middle Row. His father was Acres Buckingham (known to his friends and associates as “cutie”) who opened a hairdressers shop at 102 high street around 1901 (A. Buckingham and sons) later run by his sons Reg (my father) and Ernie. I would be fascinated to know what relation Acres was to John Buckingham as it’s likely that I was named after him.

    John Buckingham.

    By John Buckingham (06/01/2020)

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