Stevenage Fire Brigade 1911

By Simon Mortimer

This page was added on 06/01/2011.

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  • Alison, get in touch, through the admin of this site. My Grandmother was a Newberry, born in south lambeth.

    By Andrew Briars (15/07/2017)
  • Hello
    My name is Alison Newberry and my Dad grew up in Poplar, London. Dad has now died, but I am trying to find out more about my family history and I see that some of you have been researching the Stevenage Newberries and I wondered if there is any connection, as it is quite a rare surname, especially spelt with two rr. Would really appreciate any info, thanks

    By Alison (01/05/2017)
  • I have a post card of this Picture with ” Stevenage Fire brigade about 1910″ taken outside the Grange. My father who was in the Stevenage brigade, has written on the back, the names from Left to Right as; A Folbigg F Newbery F Hyde H Howard C Toll and Welch.

    By andrew briars (02/06/2013)
  • Hello Stephen, could you tell us more about the Newberry family? It will be appreciated. Thank you!

    By Gloria Urech (21/11/2012)
  • hi george newberry was my grandfather’s uncle so my great great uncle

    By stephen folbigg (03/10/2012)
  • Hi Jill, I live next door to Gloria and we’re looking for any old pictures of our house – any chance you might still be in touch with the Newberrys you gathered?! We’d be very keen to chat to anyone that lived in our house, particularly if they had any old pictures of it! Alice

    By Alice Rochester (31/05/2011)
  • How interesting that you live there, Gloria. I did a bit of research on the Newberry family for a First World War exhibition at the museum & managed to get some of the descendants together at the opening. I wondered if the house was still there!

    By Jill Campbell (18/05/2011)
  • The man on the left side of the photograph was George Newberry, who lived in Meadowsleade cottage, where I am living now, in 2011.

    By Gloria Urech (17/05/2011)