The Austin Family Archive Display

Held at Holy Trinity Church on 9.9.2012

By Jill Campbell

Did you know that the Austin family of Stevenage, now best known as being Funeral Directors, began over 300 years ago as a family building company who built many properties in Stevenage?

John Austin, the well known ‘head’ of the family, sadly passed away recently. John wished for his family archive of building plans to be displayed at the Holy Trinity Church in the High Street as part of their 150th anniversary celebrations this year. Local historian and author Margaret Ashby arranged for the display to take place at the Open Heritage Weekend in September 2012.

With the help of many volunteers, including members of the Austin family, the display was a great success and attracted many visitors. Refreshments and guided tours of the church were also available.

This was a rare chance to see these plans close up, and also on show were some models made by Brian Norman.

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  • I had the chance to stop by the church for its 150th anniversary and see the incredible collection from the Austin´s family. Thank you very much to the family and to Margaret Ashby because they did a great work for the display of the documents and building plans. I wondered to see a hint of Meadowsleade cottage within the documents, however, it is like the mystery house, no trace as part of Stevenage Old Town, which I think it is a pity. Meadowsleade cottage is in the area where the Stevenage Knitting company used to be, now there are three houses called PinkStone Place. If someone see my comment and have some info, please, write to me, I will be pleased to know more about Meadowsleade. Thank you!

    By Gloria (23/11/2012)