Bickell The Jewellers. c.1974

Corner of Orchard Road/High Street

By Simon Mortimer

Bickells The Jewellers. 1974
Stevenage Museum. P467
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  • The room on the right (two windows-worth) in Orchard Road was the original location of Barclays Bank, before it moved to Eversley Lodge (68 High Street) where it remained until 2010.

    By Hugh Madgin (22/02/2019)
  • Confused about this photo – is it the opposite side of Orchard Road to Hawkes shoe shop? If so, I presume the shop no longer exists as this corner was demolished to make way for the one-way system. So carrying on up the road on the right hand side of the photo was the old Town Hall?

    By Sue Bradford (17/03/2018)
  • Next door is Ivy House, you can just see it, black beams. I was in partnership with my friend Dennis Tait, for a while, Ivyhouse Antiques, we had a stuffed bear outside.

    By Paul Johnson (27/02/2017)
  • Hawkes shoes was run by a father and son – not brothers

    By V Richards (05/02/2015)
  • Living in Orchard Road, I remember this shop well.  It always seemed to be stuffed full of clocks, and managed by a friendly very mature lady.  Near it was Hawkes shoe shop run by a couple of brothers.  You would go in, they would look at your feet, go away and return with a selection of shoes to try (AND they would all fit).  Amazing personal service, a hallmark of the age.

    By David Abram (28/01/2015)