Rumbelows - High Street. c.1968

By Simon Mortimer

Rumbelows. High Street. c.1968
Stevenage Museum. P1223
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  • I saw my first drum kit at either Shadbolts or Rumbelows in the High St Stevenage Old Town it was about £35, a fortune then & it would have taken me ages to save up from my paper round money in 1956 to buy it, I stood there looking at it for a few minutes, it was a Broadway Kat Kit in a glitter finish

    By Len Crawley (06/03/2019)
  • Also, who else remember Shadbolts electrical shop, now subway on the corner, in Stevenage old town, it’s where my mum rented her slot tv, used to take half crowns….great old days! ?

    By Mick Friggieri (08/01/2019)
  • Who remembers Blundels, where Waitrose is now?

    By Mick Friggieri (05/01/2019)
  • So where was Rumbelows? From your comments I assume it was opposite where Waitrose is now, approx. ?

    By Sue Bradford (17/03/2018)
  • I worked in this shop training to be a Television Engineer
    when I left school in 1954, until Mr. Rumbelow closed the
    workshop and moved the repairs to the Hatfield branch.
    I then got a job at Murphy Radio Welwyn Garden City.

    By Roland Thomas Moss (16/01/2018)
  • I think you are right – I remember it well

    By Maureen Browning (nee Dayton) (30/04/2015)
  • I seem to remember that one could walk all the way through this shop from the high street to middle row.  Or is it my imagination?

    By David Abram (04/02/2015)