Bandley Hill Infant School

Paddling Pool

By Rebecca Major

These are a couple of photos taken in 1960 of the paddling pool at Bandley Hill Infants. My Mum (Kitty Harris) was a teacher there and my brother Max is in the pictures.

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  • Thanks Rebecca for your kind reply. Tried the email admin link below but unfortunately it keeps bouncing back. What a shame! X

    [Apologies, Lynne. That is entirely my fault as I incorrectly specified the address. I have corrected it now and it should work. Do please comment again if not. Ed.]

    By Lynne kuschel (MARTIN) (28/05/2021)
  • Not sure how I can get a copy of the photo’s to you. You might want to contact admin as suggested. I remember Mrs Turtle. I posted a photo of her and the other teachers on the website here (click link to view page).

    By Rebecca Major (15/05/2021)
  • I was also at Bandley Hill infants from 1959 and definitely remember the paddling pool. I used to be very embarrassed changing my wet swimming costume in front of everyone and was told off on more than once! My very first ‘boyfriend’ in the school was Paul, who I was “going to marry” (acccording to my mum!).

    Is there any chance of getting a copy of your lovely pictures as I think I might be in them?

    I seem to remember Mrs Turtle had a son at the school too? I went on to The junior school and had a wonderful teacher, Miss Goodyear and remember Mr Koram as a lovely person.

    [Regarding the question of obtaining copies of the photos, we do not have the right to make further copies. The contributor, Rebecca Major, will have at least asserted a right to make copies when she posted them. If you contact , they may be able to put you in touch with her for the purposes of obtaining copies. Ed.]

    By Lynne kuschel (MARTIN) (13/05/2021)
  • I remember that pool, I went there in the early 70’s and my teacher was mrs Harris

    By Deborah wye (13/08/2019)
  • I attended Bandley Hill from 1959 until 1963. I remember the paddling pool. It was a Friday treat in the summer. My first teacher was Miss Phillips then I think Mr Warner followed by Mrs Hildrich who was very glamorous with red hair. My worst memory was not being allowed out to play until I had eaten the fish pie which resembled wallpaper paste! Mr Koram was the head of the junior school. I remember him as a friendly man always smiling. He was a vegetarian and was thought to walk from Letchworth every day to the school. How true this was I don’t know. We studied French and ballet in the juniors with a Mr Lambert. I can remember making baskets with Mr Phillips. Loved that school. It was so sad leaving when my parents moved us to another house.

    By Shirley McCrow nee Vaines (01/05/2019)
  • I do remember the pool and and a ‘toilet accident’ in the pool … I won’t mention the boy as I am sure he’s a well respected old man .
    still have passion for warm milk …not !

    By Gerrard Huntly-Peck (03/03/2019)
  • I went to Bandley Hill Infant School from 1959 but don’t remember the paddling pool. I do remember one of my teachers Mrs Turtle? and I remember being the milk monitor in my class. Warm milk (yuck) in third of a pint bottle (those were the days!).

    By Ruth Andrews (10/04/2018)