in Bandley Hill and Shephall

By Colin Campbell

I came to Stevenage in 1966 aged 3 or 4 and lived in Kymswell Road in Shephall until 1974 before moving to a larger house in Collenswood road. I went to Bandley Hill School when Mr Koram was still headmaster and left to go to Barnwell in 1973. Does anyone remember the huts used as classrooms at Bandley Hill juniors in the 1970s located at the edge of the playground? These have now been demolished.Great days at Bandley Hill where my teachers included Mrs Yeoman, Mrs Millard and Miss Carlisle. In the infant school my class teacher was Mrs Norman. Don’t remember any other teacher’s names in the infants but in the juniors I remember a Mr Hutton. Memories of great summer days in the Donkey Park when there were many flower beds (now removed) where we would catch butterflies and laze under the trees on the hill. Does anyone out there remember the stepping stones situated in woodland at the back of Chertsey Rise but now sadly no longer there? Also the Adventure Playground where we would build ramshackle wooden cabins and cook “spuds” until they were black over a bonfire before eating them!

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  • I didn’t go to Bandley Hill Junior School but did attend Brownies there ca. 62-64 with my friend Brenda Lindsey. I do remember amongst many other things the Scout Hut being burnt down. I was always intrigued by ‘Footpath to Haley [Hayley? Ed.] Common’!! I lived in Collenswood Road until 1964 and went to Ashtree Junior School before going on to Chells Secondary Modern.
    Ann Curry (nee Clayfield)

    By Ann Curry (21/06/2022)
  • I’ve only just found this page also. I was at Bandley Hill Junior School from about 1963 to 1968. I recall Mr. Koram, the head master(who used to play classical music to us during the morning assemblies) and Mr Hutton, who was my teacher for one of the years and a Mr. Spears the teacher for my 2nd year there. I only recall some of the names other pupils there as Richard Thomas, Grant Chambers(from South Amercia?), Stephen Purdon?, Tony Mckenzie, Wendy ? (lived in Foxfields) and Vallerie? There was also a poorly girl called Debbie Mitten who only attended school occasionally due to having a heart condition. I lived in Wortham Way. Thanks for reading this.

    By Steve Thomas (11/04/2022)
  • I came to find this site through a ‘browse’ one day. When I saw this posting I searched back for this piece of film.  View from about 7 mins onwards and you’ll see why I added the link to it. 

    You’ll need to copy and paste the link into your browser to view the film.


    By Stephen Cartledge (05/10/2015)