Peartree Junior School 1958 image with names

Fred Gormer

Peartree Junior School 1958 image with names

My brother (Chris Gormer) and I (Fred Gormer) attempted to add as many names as we could remember.
It is not possible to download the original image shown on the site as the Google link does not work so I zoomed into the image on my iPad and took a screenshots of each section of the image and joined all 12 screenshots to make a 40 inch panorama.

[You can view a clearer copy and download a full-size picture (without names) from a Google link given on Tony Austin’s page on ourstevenage here (click). Ed.]

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  • I was at this school between 1958 and 1964.
    Miss Heslop was my infant teacher, she was wonderful.
    The head was Mr Anstock and his son was in my year.
    I remember Iris Crisp, Hillary Rummble and John Boxley.
    Happy times

    By George Daniels (18/07/2023)
  • I remember this school I was there 1960. It was run by a mr anstoke [Mr Anstock. Ed.], you should never have crossed him

    By Michael bradford (25/03/2020)