Shephall Manor School

By Pauline Maryan

A residential school for orphaned Polish children aged 5 to 11 from 1949 to 1954.

From 1971 to 1989 it was a school for children with behavioural problems.

The school was closed in 1989.

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  • pauline marlyns comments on shephall manor saying it opened in 1971 and closed in 1990 are not accurate it opened in 1960 by the then london county council it passed over to islington council with the abolishment of the greater london council (inner london education authority) in 1986. it closed in may 1989 . this can be verified as well. i was there from 1971 to 1978 it just needs them dates to be updated.

    By mark murray (01/10/2020)
  • hi lutz mills i went to the manor fron 1971 until 1971 arthur kitchiner who was like you one of the originals fron 1960 to 1964 he is a member of the shephall manor group on facebook, i have informed him that you have made comments on this page about your time at shephall ,he remembers you he would like to hear from you .

    By mark murray (23/01/2019)
  • Did anyone build a tree house on the grounds.

    I never went to this school, but I have been near it. I often remember it having aggressive kids who would go after outsider as warned by a brother in family. The boys in this manor would be described as Manor Kids. Only time I set foot in to this manor when it became a church. Looking on the facebook group that talked about memories of Stevenage seem to had many people who lived in the same kind of fear of being chased by the boys or it was haunted.

    By Vincent (03/03/2018)
  • HI in 1960 when shepallmanor was turned over to the LCC I was one of the first boys there we were all given a number I was number 6 our doormantry was then the larg room on the first floor overlooking the park it was a magnificent house and grounds an adventure for us young boys and it is true it dose have a secret passage we thought at the time it may have been were the preist were hidden

    By L mills (25/01/2018)
  • In 1960 when shepallmanor opened I was one of the first boys there picked number 6 for my number because it was my favourite number the headmaster was mr Evans big man but a fare man the doormantry over looked the park it was a wonderful building and grounds it was to be my home for the next 4 years I have found memories of the place my best friend there was Ronne Stevens after about a year I think I was the first to go to an outside school just at the end of our long driveway shepallbury school the playground backed on to our field there was a very high wire fence that separated us from it the playground had3 or4 walls in a line a the bigger boys at the outside school used to try and put all the new boys though what they called the tunnel they would line up with there hands against the wall and push the new boy though punching and kicking him not good so lots fights after that but when they released you would not let them do it they left you alone on a Sunday after breakfast we were given a map and compass and dropped off somewhere and we had to find our way home using the map it was great but not when it was raining it would be nice to hear from anyone that was there when I was and maybe some photos this year I will be 70years old so please don’t leave it to long

    By L mills (13/01/2018)
  • I was one of the first boys in shepallbury manor when it opened as a boys school then for what they called maladjusted boysas they used to call us in them days the first headmaster back then was mr Owen Evans I have some fond memories from them days my name is lutz mills it would be nice to hear from anyone that was there at the same time and maybe some photos look forward to hearing from anyone that was there

    By Lutz mills (31/12/2017)
  • i attended Shephall Manor from 1977 to 1984. Come and find us on facebook ‘shephall manor school’ and find your old class mates and teachers/house parents as well

    By chris hamilton (20/06/2015)
  • i too was a manor boy i played football for the same school team as Mark, away games on the school bus was an experiance,Colin Punter leading the songs, those were the days,as for Des Wilkinson i think everyone would say great man set example for everybody.

    By Peter Lynch (27/03/2015)
  • Hi

    Just wanted to point out the school was called Shephall Manor as opposed to ‘Shephallbury’.

    By Mikey R (24/11/2014)
  • I also was at Shephall Manor School in the mid 70’s. I returned to mainstream schooling about 78/79 aged 11 or 12. I too remember Mr Wilkinson & then Mr Alcock. Also remember Mr Freke, Mr & Mrs Taylor. I played Joseph, when we did Joseph and his technicolour dreamcoat. Robert Hardy played the Narrator & Chris Flack played Mrs Potipher (I think). Wonder what they are doing now. Mixed memories about this school, but I turned out alright in the end. I think

    By Paul Garrett (07/10/2014)
  • I was at shephall manor between 1971 until I left in 1978 aged 16. The school opened in 1960 under the control of the london county council, greater london council after 1965, and adminstered by the inner london education authority. The first headmaster was mr reg evans 1960 to 1966, then mr t.d wilkinson 1966 to dec 1977, then mr roy alcock from jn 1978 until the school closed in may 1989.

    By mark murray (09/12/2012)