Town Square Dances in 1950s

By Jill Campbell

A gentleman came to Stevenage Museum recently and recalled that in the late 1950s an outdoor evening dance was held regularly in the town square.

He said that a band would set up on the ‘Joyride’ platform overlooking the square and people would dance below around the fountain.

Do you remember these dances? Did you attend them? if you have any memories or photos of these dances we would love to hear from you!

This page was added on 19/10/2012.

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  • Bojangles it was Anne-Marie not Banjo.
    In the area where Mr.Simms sweetshop is near west gate years ago.

    By Kathy Nye ( Bristow) (25/01/2019)
  • Hi ya, my mother and father came to Stevenage in the early 1960’s, from Scotland. My mum found a job at the Mecca and my dad worked for Kodak. My older brother was given the nickname ‘banjo’ apparently after a nightclub, in town cente?? Does anyone know?.  Annmarie 

    By Annmarie Tytherleigh (10/03/2016)
  • Yes I do remember the free dancing it was mostly Trad Jazz then it faded out as the new venue was the Mecca. I’ve seen many great bands there including The Rolling Stones for 7/6p, Thirty Two and a Half New Pence now.

    By John Cochlan (01/12/2012)