The Old Police Station

By Simon Mortimer

The Old Police Station c.1960
Stevenage Museum P228
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  • Wasn’t there another police station in Stevenage before the one in Lytton Way Stevenage

    By Teresa Clarke (01/11/2021)
  • Harry Wright and his wife Rhoda Sarah lived at the Police Station in Stanmore Road at least between 1920 and 1924 (electoral roll entries confirm this) . As a researcher of the Wright Family Tree I too do not believe this is a picture of the Stanmore Road Police Station which had a police cottage next to it

    By Philip Hill (05/05/2020)
  • I only remember the police station in Stanmore rd in the 60’s not this one. I went there lately and it’s now a modern medical centre.

    By Jan Wright nee Casey (28/03/2020)
  • My parents lived in the Police Station for a couple of years in the early 1950’s(Dad was a police constable) and when I was about 5/6 years of age
    I have a vague memory of it being a large building similar in shape to the one in the photo but i seem to recall it was larger and more modern looking although I was very young
    I wet back to the old town last week-end for something unconnected and looked for the house/site of house;
    has anyone any more information on whether the house is still standing(albeit not now the Police Station ).
    What road was it in and how do I find the house or the site of it?

    By John ettle (09/11/2018)
  • Hi, At long last I can see the house my grandmother told me that she and my grandfather lived in when he was a policeman. He became a constable in 1907 and apart from the time spent  as a marine in 1914 to 1919 he remained in the force until 1926. My grandmother always told me that their home was the village police station and I believe that three of their sons including my father may have been born there and I wonder if there may be records or photos showing this time. 

    By kathleen flaherty (18/09/2015)
  • I thought courthouse was red brick building, ive been in there longtime ago

    By paul johnson (28/06/2015)
  • My husband, son and I lived in Copper’s Cottage for some year’s in the 1990’s, as Hugh Madgin states it was the first Police Station in Stevenage built  in 1846, the cell door is in Stevenage Museum,the original cottage demolished and rebuilt in the 1960’s.  Happy times for us.

    By Jean Stratton (11/11/2014)
  • This is the first one; in North Road. There was another (next to the Town Hall) before the one in Stanmore Road was built. The house built on the site of the original one was called Coppers Cottage in the 1970s.

    By Hugh Madgin (24/02/2013)
  • I agree Rosemary. Looking at the picture I assume that the police station and court house was next door to the left of the picture. It was on a corner plot with a car park to the side and rear because that is where the old green prison vans would park to unload.

    By john cochlan (26/11/2011)
  • I do not recall the police station looking like this in stanmore road. !!!

    By Rosemary Biggs (26/02/2011)