Fairlands Valley Before the Lakes

By Simon Mortimer

Fairlands Valley before 1971
Stevenage Museum
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  • I remember summer of 1976 I was 13 and we hung at the lakes all summer – playing in the paddling pool and making friends

    By Gail (26/02/2013)
  • I remember being driven down Fairlands Rd from Chells to the town centre in the mid 60’s and also remember the stench, from what I recall was a pig farm?

    By Robert Evans (12/05/2012)
  • I attended Bedwell Infants school in the late 60’s and remember being taken by our teacher for nature walks along the small stream which ran through the middle of the fields where the lakes are now. I also watched the lakes being dug out during my time at Bedwell Secondary school. I remember the stench coming from the earth as the diggers worked

    By Roy Heath (13/02/2012)