The Red Lion, High Street. c.1958

By Simon Mortimer

Red Lion. c.1958
Stevenage Museum. P1293
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  • I seem to remember that the band ‘Girlsschool’ were frequent visitors.

    By Brett Fisher (30/03/2021)
  • Bikers pub and rockers pub
    could be good though
    juke box was excellent
    toliets out back as usual

    By Christopher Patrick batchelor (06/10/2017)
  • It’s 1969 old Tom behind the bar and a bar billiards table in the corner of the back bar. Then Everything stopped for Monty Python- no drinks served, no interruption, just laughter. Normal service resumed til Thursday the following week

    By Clem (03/05/2017)
  • In the photo, to the right of the pub was Lines Ironmongers, and to the left of the old ‘coaching arch’ was Allison’s saddlery shop. If you went through the arch to the back of the pub, The Loyal Order of Moose used to have their meeting room on the upper floor. In 1959, the jazz combo I used to play in would practice our songs up there. I’m glad to see that music still plays a prominent role in the pub today.

    By Howard Roberts (15/01/2012)