The Man in the Moon

Broadwater Crescent

The Man in the Moon pub in 1957
Stevenage Museum P7900

In December 2015 it was refurbished and renamed The Willows.  It stands on the corner of The Willows, so called because of its association with the cricket ground in Shephalbury Park nearby.

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  • I remember the 70’s Denny lane was ace as were all the schoolgirls from shephallbury on a friday night

    By Brett Fisher (26/03/2021)
  • Great memories of this pub from the early 70’s. lots of live bands and Denny Lane’s disco and terrible Truman’s beers….

    By Mick Hursey (09/10/2020)
  • I lived next door (No 78) between 1962 to 1970

    I have fond memories of it.

    By K Scanlan (25/01/2018)
  • It was known by us living down the road, as a fighter’s pub. Sometimes, depending on, in skinhead days and greaser days it weren’t THAT difficult to walk merrily in for a pint and find yourself in a violent punch up, Swan and Fold same. But our Grandad liked singing in this pub

    By Christopher Patrick batchelor (06/10/2017)