Last Grammar School Intake

Steve Sheehan

From 1969, Alleynes ceased being a boys’ grammar school, with selective intake of the more academically able, to being a comprehensive. It did remain a boys -only school for the time being, however. I was one of the last boys to enter by selection.

Class 1A 1968 – 1969 (last Grammar School intake):

Alford, Andrews, Ashby, Board, Brown, Burleigh, Campbell, Cook, Curtis, Ellison, Enticott, Findlay, Fleming, Horlock, Jackman, Kimber, McGivern, Marson, Palmer, Peyton, Pike, Rowles, Sexton, SHEEHAN, Shepherd, Sliney, Spooner, Travis, Twiggs, Whittle, Wilsher.

Apologies if  you have been left out/weren’t in that class or have your name spelled incorrectly.

We even had to sit in alphabetical order. I sat next to Brian Pike.

Whatever happened to Mark Alford, Chris Kimber, Peter Peyton and ? Campbell who did not continue to the second year? Apologies to Mr Campbell for not knowing your first name but you are memorable for organizing a rendition of “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” for our form master (Mr Fox) by the whole class at the top of our voices!

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  • Hello to everyone on the list of classmates. Thanks Steve for putting it together. I remember every name on the list though not sure about putting a face to each one.
    Those years at Alleynes were such a formative part of my life. Many memories, good and bad. Many good friends among those early classmates.

    By Ron Whittle (03/07/2020)
  • The way in which our form teacher, Mr Fox, whizzed through the register (and became faster and faster in the process) literally turned it into a song which somehow enabled me to remember more words than if it was just prose or a poem. I remembered it and recited it for many years but when it came to the point of actually reproducing it 52 years later, I wasn’t quite 100% sure. It doesn’t seem to flow properly between Curtis and Ellison. Was there a name in between? Maybe Curtis and Ellison can remember who came after/before them. Richard Curtis was my classmate at Blessed Margaret Clitheroe Junior School and I’m fairly sure Ellison’s first name was (and still is I hope) Nick/Nicholas. Nice to hear from Steve Horlock and Steve Brown. Hope you are both fit and well. I still have my own hair and teeth! Just curious as to where Steve Brown is hailing from nowadays.

    By Steven Sheehan (30/06/2020)
  • Hello Steve and Steve!

    I remember you both. There were a lot of Stephens, and Stevens in that class. I was the quiet one who sat next to Steve Jackman (who lived in Walkern). I came from Broom Barns School along with Ron Whittle.

    You can’t have remembered everyone on that list. From my report book, which I still have, there were 32 boys in 1A. There are only 31 on that list. I think we may have had a late starter. Who was that?

    I remember my first day at Alleyne’s, sitting cross-legged on the highly polished herringbone wooden floor of the assembly hall, with its smell, and the frightening J.B.A.Burridge (the headmaster, colloquially known as ‘Black Bart’).

    I left Stevenage over ten years ago for the hills and valleys of Yorkshire, but, oh, I remember those halcyon days!

    Steve Horlock

    By Steve Horlock (26/06/2020)
  • Great to read this history of Alleynes

    By Jane Sheehan (09/05/2020)
  • I remember you, Steve Sheehan! And I remember just about all of those names, too. Our form room was in the Grange, which later became the base for the Sixth Form.

    I think it was Mark Campbell, btw.

    By Steve Brown (03/05/2020)

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