Last Grammar School Intake

Steve Sheehan

From 1969, Alleynes ceased being a boys’ grammar school, with selective intake of the more academically able, to being a comprehensive. It did remain a boys -only school for the time being, however. I was one of the last boys to enter by selection.

Class 1A 1968 – 1969 (last Grammar School intake):

Alford, Andrews, Ashby, Board, Brown, Burleigh, Campbell, Cook, Curtis, Ellison, Enticott, Findlay, Fleming, Horlock, Jackman, Kimber, McGivern, Marson, Palmer, Peyton, Pike, Rowles, Sexton, SHEEHAN, Shepherd, Sliney, Spooner, Travis, Twiggs, Whittle, Wilsher.

Apologies if  you have been left out/weren’t in that class or have your name spelled incorrectly.

We even had to sit in alphabetical order. I sat next to Brian Pike.

Whatever happened to Mark Alford, Chris Kimber, Peter Peyton and ? Campbell who did not continue to the second year? Apologies to Mr Campbell for not knowing your first name but you are memorable for organizing a rendition of “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” for our form master (Mr Fox) by the whole class at the top of our voices!

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  • Are there any pupils who remember the first non-Grammar intake in 1969? Gary Paul Wilden….Terry David Wilden….Lee LeGrand….Terry Day… I would like to hear from anyone who is interested in starting up a film production company.

    By RevDrGaryPaulWilden (03/10/2021)
  • Blimey that brings back some memories! Reading through those names I can almost smell the chalk in that classroom in the Grange. My two foremost memories of that year were the massive snowball fight and of Mr “Buzzard” Partridge lining up everyone who had lost their hymn sheet (which was just about everyone in the year) and going down the line whacking them all with a book!

    By N Ellison (02/09/2021)
  • David Abram: a friend and fellow ex-Alleynian, who prefers to remain anonymous, reports:

    “I’m pretty sure Burridge had aspirations as an educational thinker (as did his successor). I thought I’d do a little light googling, and found a J.B.A. Burridge, ‘principal lecturer in education management’ at Ulster Poly, attending the Annual Conference of the British Educational Management and Administration Society (9th, Glasgow, September 1980).”

    By Tony Collman (10/07/2021)
  • I was in that intake that year. Looking at the list of names brings back memories. I was in class 1B then 2B (or not 2B when we learning Shakespeare), and our 1st form master was a Mr. Farrell. He was quite young and moved on (to better things?) at the end of my 1st form. I wonder what he is doing now. Such a long time ago now. It was also the start of the headmaster, Mr Burridge who was an ogre, and nicknamed Black Bart. To be morbid, I suspect he has now passed on. Saying that I was told by a teacher, I once bumped into, he had become a Professor at an education college in Belfast (true?)

    By David Abram (09/07/2021)
  • I went there too but four years after my brother, the smart git, so no longer a Grammer school. Lost touch with brother Stephen Horlock after our Mum died around 18 years ago now, would be good to hear from you. I’m still in Sevenoaks if you want to send word.
    Tony Horlock

    By Tony Horlock (09/11/2020)
  • … not forgetting (see previous comment re old boys) Frank Baresi who reminded us of Serious Charge film being made in the Old Town, Popple Way and Bus Station in 1959 starring Anthony Quayle and Cliff Richard (in his first film). And to think that when my brother told me that Cliff Richard had once visited Alleyne’s, I didn’t believe him! Apparently pic appeared in school magazine.

    By Steven Sheehan (31/07/2020)
  • I’m fairly confident now that class 1A is 100% correct and contained 31 boys. I remember Andrew Shorten and he was not in our class. When my daughter attended Broom Barns, she made friends with a girl called Katherine whose father turned out to be…….Graham Collinson! Last time I saw Stephen Walters, he was with Ian Hamilton (year below). I’ve also come across Stephen Ashby, Stephen Wilkes, Jym Green (2 yrs above) Tony Collman (volunteer ed of this site) Barry Telling, Steve Cox (tragically killed on a motorbike) Barry Smith, Dave Butler, John Milne, Chris Morgan (deceased) and Ian Hemmingway (attended open evening with step-child and reported Mr Hogg as unhappy as ever). My ex-wife Anne (sadly deceased) was the sister of Kenny Baker (year below).

    By Steven Sheehan (31/07/2020)
  • Guys, and especially Steve S, thanks for your postings. I too remember all the names, and that very first day sitting cross legged on the heavily waxed wooden floor of the assembly hall. I’m wondering if one of the missing names is that of Andy Shorten ?

    I’m now living in Falls Church VA, working on the pandemic response for the local county health department after forty odd years working on public health programs in Africa. What are you all doing these days?

    Ian Sliney. –

    By Ian Sliney (17/07/2020)
  • Hello to everyone on the list of classmates. Thanks Steve for putting it together. I remember every name on the list though not sure about putting a face to each one.
    Those years at Alleynes were such a formative part of my life. Many memories, good and bad. Many good friends among those early classmates.

    By Ron Whittle (03/07/2020)
  • The way in which our form teacher, Mr Fox, whizzed through the register (and became faster and faster in the process) literally turned it into a song which somehow enabled me to remember more words than if it was just prose or a poem. I remembered it and recited it for many years but when it came to the point of actually reproducing it 52 years later, I wasn’t quite 100% sure. It doesn’t seem to flow properly between Curtis and Ellison. Was there a name in between? Maybe Curtis and Ellison can remember who came after/before them. Richard Curtis was my classmate at Blessed Margaret Clitheroe Junior School and I’m fairly sure Ellison’s first name was (and still is I hope) Nick/Nicholas. Nice to hear from Steve Horlock and Steve Brown. Hope you are both fit and well. I still have my own hair and teeth! Just curious as to where Steve Brown is hailing from nowadays.

    By Steven Sheehan (30/06/2020)
  • Hello Steve and Steve!

    I remember you both. There were a lot of Stephens, and Stevens in that class. I was the quiet one who sat next to Steve Jackman (who lived in Walkern). I came from Broom Barns School along with Ron Whittle.

    You can’t have remembered everyone on that list. From my report book, which I still have, there were 32 boys in 1A. There are only 31 on that list. I think we may have had a late starter. Who was that?

    I remember my first day at Alleyne’s, sitting cross-legged on the highly polished herringbone wooden floor of the assembly hall, with its smell, and the frightening J.B.A.Burridge (the headmaster, colloquially known as ‘Black Bart’).

    I left Stevenage over ten years ago for the hills and valleys of Yorkshire, but, oh, I remember those halcyon days!

    Steve Horlock

    By Steve Horlock (26/06/2020)
  • Great to read this history of Alleynes

    By Jane Sheehan (09/05/2020)
  • I remember you, Steve Sheehan! And I remember just about all of those names, too. Our form room was in the Grange, which later became the base for the Sixth Form.

    I think it was Mark Campbell, btw.

    By Steve Brown (03/05/2020)