Barclay School Reunion 2009

Happy memories of my school reunion

By Sheila Watters-Hughes

What a wonderful reunion it was on Saturday 9 May 2009 for all us old pupils for a big anniversary celebration of 60 years of the school being open.

The event started at 11 o clock. Some of the folks went out onto the school playing field to watch a football match played by the younger boys. At the school there were also other sports being played.

As for my friend and I we thought that we would look round the school and see some of the changes. It brought back many happy memorable days when I saw my old classrooms and in the new wing we saw that they had computers in there.

A cup of tea and a chat

After a look round the school we made our way to the canteen for a cup of tea and a chat with old school friends. Then we were asked if we would kindly move out into the foyer while the canteen staff set the tables for our school dinner at 1 o clock. There were other things going on like a 1950s fashion show and also some girls dancing. While we were waiting one of the teachers announced in a very loud speaking voice that dinner was now being served for those of us who had bought a ticket for the meal, which was not bad. I thought the rice pudding was the best.

At 2 o clock everyone went into the big hall for an hour of assembly. When our most popular teacher Mr Don Monk walked onto the stage we all gave him a great big applause. Then he gave a lovely speech before leading us in singing our hearts out singing 5 lovely popular hymns. Many of us in the crowded assembly hall were feeling overcome with emotion with tearful faces, thinking of our memories of our school days of the past.

Disco and barbecue

At 4.30 cream teas were served in the canteen. Some of us who did not want anything more to eat and drink stood out in the foyer to say our farewells to the teachers and thank them for a lovely day, which we will never forget for the rest of our lives. Many old pupils who had the energy went back at 7 o clock for the disco and a barbecue.

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  • The 70th reunion will be held at the school on November 30th 2019 commencing at 3.00 pm till 9.00pm. there will be a bar and music from 6,00pm. Please advise as many old pupils as possible as its likely to be the last one for us oldies who went there in the 50’s and 60’s.

    By Dave Thompson (29/10/2019)
  • Oh my – this article has bought back a lot of memories !!  Mr Monk was the vice Headmaster if my memory serves me ?  At least he was when I attended Barclay School 1961 – 1966.  A lifetime ago !!  Jane Langheim nee Hazael

    By Jane Langheim (09/11/2015)
  • I was at the reunion too, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Meeting Pete Adnams, Merv Smith and Haydn Roberts again, along with some old class mates,  brought back very fond memories of 74-79.

    By Steve Buss (22/07/2015)
  • What a shame i missed it. I would of loved to of gone to it! Good to see that Mr Monk is still alive he was one of the best i had him for some of my lessons and i got to admit i learnt a lot more from him then the other teachers at the school! i was there from 1973 to 1978 my name then was Shelley Dyer i love to know if there’s any more school reunions.

    By shelley page (15/02/2014)

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