Childhood Memories of Stevenage 1950 - 1963

Andrew Robson

I was born on 12 March 1950 at the Fox Holes Nursing Home in Pirton, a small village just outside Hitchin. The original post-war nursing home has now been replaced by a modern care home. I was christened as Andrew John, but have always been known as ‘Andy’. My father was Anthony Robson, and he was born in Carshalton, Surrey. My mother was (still is) Vera Robson, nee Hadley. My parents met in the late 1940’s when my Dad was still in the RAF after WW2 and was stationed up near Manchester. Mum’s family home was in Rycroft Road, Stretford, a suburb of Manchester, and her father was baker. After they married in 1948, Mum and Dad moved down to Stevenage and briefly lived with Dad’s family in Haycroft Road. They must have applied for social housing, because after I was born my family moved into number 12 Brox Dell, which was among the first phase of new housing forming part of the ‘new town’ development.

I have now compiled a series of ‘memories’ of my life in Stevenage between the years 1950 and 1963, with some details from later years which may be relevant. Please refer to the attached PDF document.

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  • Does the school have pictures of the opening of Henry Moore sculpture in 1950
    Mavis Bourdice

    [Mavis, perhaps you would like to ask this question in a comment to our page about the sculpture here. Ed]

    By Mavis Bourdice (17/06/2019)
  • My name was Mavis Bullard. My family were evacuated to the old town of Stevenage in 1941 and we lived with a lovely family call Newberry they lived in Walkern Rd. Then my parents bought a house in Basil’s Rd. I started at Barclay school at the age of 11 years in 1949 and was there till I left in 1953. My best friend was Christian Thurlow who’s father had a draper’s shop in the old town

    By Mavis Bourdice (16/06/2019)
  • Barrymore Bradford
    My Dad and his family lived in Greydells in the 1950’s/60’s his name was Richard Fairey. Unfortunately he had his life cut very short in 1976 but I would love to hear any memories from people that knew him

    By Allison Cullen formerly Porter and Fairey (08/04/2019)
  • It was 1952 when my parents did a house swap. We moved to Stevenage from Erith in Kent when I was five. Moved into the corner house in Ryecroft and Greydells Road. Met a young lad same age, Alan Goodship and we are still friends to this day. Went to Broom Barns Infants and Junior and that’s before Silam road etc was built. Then onto four years at Barclay School. Enjoyed drama with Mr Fraser, but had a watchful eye on Don Monk. Mr Kinsey was the Head. It was a very good school and looking back I enjoyed it.

    By Barrymore Bradford (31/01/2019)
  • Natasha – thanks for your comments. Was your maiden name Payne or Pyne by any chance? If it was, I remember you at Fairlands! A friend of mine in those days also lived in a large house on the old A1, close to what was the town museum. His name was Philip Smyth.

    By Andrew Robson (04/07/2018)
  • I lived in Stevenage from 1954 till 1960. We lived on the old A1 in a lovely old house which the council knocked down to be part of the New town. Many years later my brother and i returned to find the “site” and found it was a carpark that still had the trees we climbed as kids. My Dad also worked for English Electric, We went to Letchmore Infants and Fairlands?? Junior . My brother must have gone to alleynes grammar school before we moved to Barnet, Enjoyed you piece and sending to my brother in USA

    By natasha McLean (22/04/2018)
  • Andrew, thank you so much for this very interesting account of your childhood in Stevenage. I am a relative “newcomer”, arriving on marriage in 1974, but my hubby lived in Ryecroft between the mid-50s until middish 60s. I’ve given him details of your story as I’m sure lots of it will be familiar to him. He may comment on this page!

    By Sue Bradford (18/03/2018)

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