Barnwell School football team

By Pauline Maryan

Barnwell School boys presenting a cheque for £150 raised at a charity football match to Mr Bert George, President of Stevenage & District Association for Mentally Handicapped Children, at a celebration ball in 1971.

Do you recognise any of these pupils?

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  • Wayne Thomas sat next to me in my Form class when he came from Jamaica we became good friends and it was decided that I should be the one to explain the use of deodorant, it didn’t go that well, he packed a good bunch, but we stayed friends and he did smell better, lol.
    Sorry I don’t have any contact.

    By Clint Rawson (26/08/2021)
  • Wayne Thomas. Originally from Jamaica..

    Went to school and lived Stevanage, Herts when he was younger. Always remember Wayne.. Gap between his front Teeth..Lol…. lost contact over years.. phone was stolen many years ago..

    I wonder where he is … great fellow … would like to contact him if anyone knows him. Or pass on my details please. My name is Gary Fuller from Hatfield Herts. Lost contact after moving abroad to states.
    Moved back ..UK & France..

    Would like to catch up.

    [Gary, sorry but I have had to redact your mobile number as our policy is not to publish personal contact details, although you can give a name on social media where you can be contacted. Please make another comment if you wish to do that.

    Alternatively, if anyone reading this is in contact with Wayne and lets him know Gary wants to make contact, then Wayne can email, with a reference to this comment, to ask for Gary’s email address and it will be supplied in accordance with Gary’s obvious wishes. Ed.]

    By Gary fuller (19/05/2020)
  • Far left back row is me, Clint Rawson. Next to me is Andy Norman.

    To left of Mr George is Mick Sandford.  In back row directly above Mr George is John Waller, I think.

    Far right back row in striped jacket is Colin Moore.

    Next to Mr George on left at front is Chris Brock.  Lower left is Steve Robinson.

    Directly behind Mr George is Wayne Thomas.

    Above Chris Brock is Peter Gittings.

    By Clint Rawson (07/07/2014)
  • Bottom front right is my brother Ian Carruthers x

    By Nicola Field (23/01/2014)
  • I can see my late brother Danny Dady in this picture. He is just behind Mr George to his right as you look at the picture with the shirt and tie.

    By Mike Dady (31/01/2012)