Bedwell School entrance

By Pauline Maryan

Bedwell School entrance 1968
Stevenage Museum PP1382
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  • Hi. I was at Bedwell from 1966-1973 (first 6th former with Sue Forest and Michael Sweetlove). I remember some class mates at the time: Ann Scott, Sue Clark, Kay Lazenby, the Tiernan twins and many more. Merv Fraser was brilliant English teacher and Mr and Mrs Walton taught art. I’m now a retired teacher living in Sandy

    By Yvonne Shephard (30/07/2022)
  • Wow, Diane Williams, Cyd Bell & Crissy Friggieri, memories are made of this, if you remember me all is good, Keith Anderson here and nice to see some names I can relate to 🙂

    By Keith Anderson (15/03/2022)
  • Posting on behalf of “Jane Doe”

    Hi Chrissy. Yes it is me. Cyd Bell that left the comment signed Jane Doe. Didn’t want to leave my real name. I heard you moved back to UK. Is that true? How are you doing?

    I am still in Canada. Moved to the East Coast of Nova Scotia last year but want to move back to Alberta as I loved it there. Been married 51 years this June.

    Often think of you and your old boyfriend Rob something. You were very popular. I wasn’t. I remember everyone’s name in our class. Don’t know why but I had the biggest crush on Squelch. He never knew I existed and when he did he insulted me. What were we like eh? Chucking ourselves at boys. Yeuk.

    Anyway, came across your email asking if Jane Doe was me so here I am confessing to be her.

    Hope you are well.

    PS. Do you remember pin pan pennywell and don don hairy hairy wag wag. Do you remember what they were used for?

    By Marion Hill (24/05/2021)
  • Jane Doe, this is crissy friggieri, just saw your message and you knew all my friends and classmates but i cannot recall who you are? The only person i remember calling me “skonny logs” was cynthia bell! Is that you? Please leave another message and give more info. Diane Williams has asked me who you are too. So looking forward to hearing more from you ….

    By Christina Mattas (Friggieri) (28/10/2020)
  • Hello, i am trying to respond to a comment on this page and i have commented before, some time ago. When i try to log in it keeps saying it doesn’t recognise my email address and i don’t remember my password. I haven’t changed my email address in years and i cannot see anywhere else to be able to respond to my school chums. Can you help please?

    [As you can now see, you don’t need to log in to make a comment, Christina, but you do have to wait for your comment to be moderated by a volunteer editor (i.e. me) before it will appear. This may take several days or more, depending on the availability of volunteers. It is unlikely that you have a login for the site if you have only previously commented on other people’s posts. You get offered the opportunity to get a Contributor’s account if and when you put up an actual post. Ed.]

    By Christina Mattas (Friggieri) (28/10/2020)
  • I remember you all especially Rickard Quelch, Paddy McSorley, Keith Chalkley, Ronald Rowley, Martin Brown (diver), Jane Elphick, Paul Elphick, Chjrissy Friggieri (skonny logs), Sue Bristow, Lorraine Dale, Carol Godfrey, Christopher Dilnutt, Dennis Lewis, Heather Dallas, Michael Grayling, Jean Proctor, Christine Garland, Maisy Mitchell, Philip Lavel, Christine Daly, Andrew Smith, and so many more. Madly in love with Squelch for years but he never knew I existed (sigh).

    By JANE DOE (21/10/2020)
  • Ah Tony Vrsolavich, I remember you well, myself and Dave Atkins used to go to the college gigs together. I kept in touch with Dave for a good few years after he moved to Alleynes, and took up a career in music in later years. Last time I saw him was at a gig at USAF Chicksands in the early eighties, just prior to his move to Oz. Be good to hear from you, and catch up on the last fifty years lol. I moved to the Balearics a couple of years back, but still miss those years! Keep well, Anthony.

    [Technically, it was RAF Chicksands but well, er, … yeah. Ed]

    By Viv Cooper (24/06/2020)
  • Hi Anthony

    It’s Diane Williams here. Great to read your post. It has been a long time since I last saw you. I remember you came to my house which was a lovely surprise.

    I hope life is treating you well and that you are staying safe from Coronavirus as family and myself have. Last time we met I believe you were living in America. Is that still the case?

    Yes you were correct with your memories of Bedwell except I believe that Mr Rogers came later into our time there and I don’t remember Mr Wrigley.

    I have shared a couple of messages with Peter Nelson via this message board. He is in Australia and has been for many years. The messages seem to be mostly from younger Bedwell pupils.

    My grandson will be starting at Bedwell (now called Marriott’s) in September. The school is huge now. I cannot recognise any part of it.

    Would be great to hear from you as we go back a very long way.

    Stay safe and take care x

    By Diane rogers (11/06/2020)
  • Hi Everyone.,

    This is Anthony Vrsalovich. Was one of the originals when the school opened. Attended Nobel and Chells as it was not fully finished. I was in house Silkin. Great Times, great teachers. Let’s see:

    Mr. Crick. Headmaster.
    Mr. Tapley. Deputy Head.
    Mr. Rodgers. Maths.
    Mr. Myers. English.
    Mr. Kerrigan. Physics.
    Mr. Trout. History.
    Mr. Cook. Boys PT.
    Mr Fordham. Metalwork.
    Mr. Reece. Natural Biology.
    Miss. Bone. Girls PT.
    Mrs. Lee. Geography.
    Mr. Wrigley. (?) Tech Drawing.

    These were the originals while I was there several of them moved on and were replaced.?

    If anyone would like to reach out that was there around the same time, it would be nice to hook up. A lot of the girls I knew must have married and dropped their maiden names.

    Let’s see what this post brings.

    By Anthony Vrsalovich (29/05/2020)
  • Hi Peter Nelsson, Just read your comment below. How is your brother Eric ? lost track after we finished school and then I left for NZ in 1974 . I remember your Mum and Dad well, often used to be at your house as we lived in Crossgates just behind you.
    Hope all well with you
    Keith Allan

    By Keith Allan (18/02/2020)
  • Hello diane, hope you see this message. I found your daughter on facebook and have sent her a message on messenger just now. I knew it was her cos there was a photo of you in her photos! Omg! You have long straight hair haha but i could still recognise you!
    Hope you get all my info i sent to her.

    By Christina Mattas (friggieri) (01/01/2020)
  • Hello diane, It’s great to finally find you. If you can give me your daughters name i will look on facebook or you can look me up. My name is under crissy mattas on facebook ok.

    By Christina Mattas (friggieri) (01/01/2020)
  • Hi crissy
    Wow it’s so good to hear from you.
    I did try to make contact when I thought you were still in the states not realising you were back here. I thought you had moved and I did not have your new address.
    It would be great to see you and have an enormous catch up.
    Rather than put phone numbers or email addresses on a public forum are you on Facebook? I’m not but my daughter is so we could initially speak that way and swop details.
    Hope to hear from you soon
    Love Diane xx

    [Diane, we don’t allow phone numbers or email addresses on here anyway, but if you are unable to make contact via social media, we may be able to help you. You would need to contact Ed.]

    By Diane rogers (29/12/2019)
  • Hello diane, this is crissy friggieri. Ive been trying to hunt you down forever and ive just seen your comments on this site. I wanted to let you know i moved back to the UK two and a half years ago and am living on the isle of wight! If you fancy getting in touch i would love to see you again one day.
    Regards, crissy

    By Christina Mattas (friggieri) (22/12/2019)
  • Wow just went through all the comments on this page big time blast from the past. Does any one remember Mick Portway we were in Newsom I was at bedwell secondary from 1970 I think, still shite at maths :)) he’s seemed to have fallen off the planet haven’t seen him since I left the school , I remember phil Birmingham boss man in the Firm god he use to frighten the life out of me, but I’m sure he’s mellowed now :)) so hello to Phil , good old days anyone selling a time machine ? I’d be back there in a flash :))

    By Sean Burton (17/02/2019)
  • Hi Peter
    So nice to hear from you and I am glad life has treated you well.
    Must be great living in Austrailia looks wonderful on all the programmes but I believe the heat is very intense at the moment. Weather here typically English- 2 flakes of snow and the country grinds to a halt.!!
    You would not recognise the old school now. It’s a “super” school now and is huge. My great niece goes there and you need a map to find your way round. Don’t think it could be any worse than when we were there.
    Don’t really see anyone from school. Did used to see Bernadette Beken, Toni Lovejoy and Katie Blakey but have not for a few years now.
    Not sure if you knew Steve Thurston passed away a few years ago. I believe Placid Gonzales and John Wright are still local as well as Keith Chalkley. The years tend to dull the memory!!
    Are you grandparents yet? I have 1 grandson aged 10 who can drive you potty one minute but love him the next. Would not change him though.
    Finally moved from bedwell area 10 years ago after 56 years . Do you still have any family living in Stevenage? Not sure when you were last here but it’s not the same now. The town centre is so poor – so many more houses stretching almost to the outlying villages.
    Sorry waffled on. Would be nice to hear from you if you have a spare mo
    Take care. All the best Diane

    By Diane rogers (01/02/2019)
  • Hi Diane
    It is so nice to get a reply from you. I retired a couple of years ago and just like you I feel free! Loving it. I ended up here in Sydney where I fell in lurv, married a kiwi and raised a family of 3 girls. All grown up now.
    My memories from school are pretty hazy. Those school photos released a few (mostly not so pleasant) memories from dormant parts of my brain. I do remember you. I remember I liked you.
    Anyway, Happy New Year and have an enjoyable, long and healthy retirement.

    By Peter Nelsson (31/01/2019)
  • Hi Peter
    Yes we were in the same class. Hope all is good with you?
    Can you believe it is 50 years since we left school? I retired on 21st Dec so for the first time since we left school “I am free”
    Still living in Stevenage. How about you?
    You were friends with Ian Rimmer, Keith Anderson, Barrie Hilton if I remember correctly.
    Would be great to hear how you are doing.
    Have a good Christmas and New year
    Kind regards Diane

    By Diane rogers (23/12/2018)
  • Hey Diane
    I think you were in my class. Light brown hair and 60’s secretary style glasses? One of the smarter ones?
    Also recognise some of the names from this thread as friends of my brother Eric in the year below me…Keith Allan,Steven Dance.
    Also remember that crazy sod Mr Rogers dangling a kid from a first floor window by his ankles.

    By Peter Nelsson (03/11/2018)
  • Hi I have just come across this page and see there was a message from Jane Dow a couple of years ago.
    I was at Bedwell from 63-68 and remember Jane and her brothers(?)
    If I remember correctly she moved to or from Borehamwood.
    Jane – if you get this message I would love to hear from you.
    My maiden name was Diane Williams and I lived in Bedwell

    By Diane (11/10/2018)
  • Hi,
    I attended this school 1973-1977 I was in Newsom my name was Carol Tether. Aww that pic brings back memories.Shame they knocked it down.

    By Carol Bailllie (29/08/2018)
  • I was at Bedwell from 79-83. Started in flares and ended in Farah’s. Main things i remember are the cane from Wallace, slipper off Glaze, beast of a plimsol to the harris off Cook (with shorts down!), being dangled over the balcony (over the dining area) by Docherty and i vaguely recall a black board eraser to my sweed off of a scottish maths teacher that always seemed to have a patch on his trousers.
    Remember my friends there very well but don’t think i have seen pretty much anyone since i left (Grange, we always came last in everything but i am particularly proud of that fact, i hope life has been good to you all).

    In conclusion, we did have a laugh, suffered a fair bit of questionable abuse (most of it deserved), went on some hilarious school trips, learned that you have to leave one of your fields fallow to achieve a perfect crop rotation (that’s come in handy so many times) and that i wished i’d snogged a lot more of the girls.
    I wont mention all the embarrassing incidents (there are loads, like when Martin,”Eddie”, fouled himself on cross country ) but needless to say there is a books worth of stuff in my head.
    Love to all Grange! and if anyone needs to know anything about the nomadic tribes of West Africa, then i’m your man as i can remember that as well.
    Andy Ferguson.

    By andy ferguson (24/03/2018)
  • I was at Bedwell ’72 to 74. I was in Mike Bramley’s then Mr Fraser (kiwi) registration group. I remember lots of characters from then, Joe Walker in English, Pete and Pam Walton in Art and a weird Physics/Science teacher with shocking halitosis who hated kids. In my year group were Al Matthews, Kev Gonzales, Al? Swan, Elizabeth Peart, Sue Lemmon, Carol Matthews, Di (Doris) Parker and many others. I live in NZ now (thanks Mr. Fraser!) and have been visited by Lorraine Hemmings (nee Wolfenden).

    By Ian Matthews (14/09/2017)
  • Hi everyone. My mum (I think) went to bedwell school in the 70s and I wondered if anyone has any school pictures from that era? Her name was edwina Cooke. Her sister is Bertha. My mum is 60 this year and I want to do something special for her.

    By Tina (10/08/2017)
  • hi there….I went to Bedwell from out when I could at 15 before age went up to 16….I know you Phil Birmingham…I’m Doug Smith..Podges brother…you was there when me and Nicky Haynes were playing truant and he fell over bottom corridor toilets cloakroom to floor below..broke his leg…i ran back into art class…still got into big trouble….hullo to Pete Herbert too…we knocked about with each other a lot after we left…Phil..remember Jane Jeggo…your little saying was “a fway you go” many memories…

    By Doug Smith (17/03/2017)
  • I am coming to town from the USA the last 2 weeks of Sep 1st week of Oct, will be good to see the ole stomping ground

    By Keith Anderson (09/09/2016)
  • If anyone else remembers the 80’s at Bedwell it would be good to read your comments. Mr Docherty for Geography, Mr and Mrs Walton for Art, Mr Cook for games, Miss Fortune for maths.  I remember Steve Rance, Nadine Stacey, Claire Hoskins, Claire Hazel, Michelle Harris.

    By Craig Linkin (09/09/2016)
  • I was there in 1984 until 1987 in form Ireton.  Form tutor Miss Dodsworth and before her Mrs Barbary.  

    By Craig Linkin (09/09/2016)
  • Hi all I remember Paul and Jane Elphick and the infamous dangling out the window, how fun was that Paul? Hopefully am coming to the UK for a couple of weeks in late September, I did hear that Mr Trout actually died from Lung cancer, how ironic if true!

    By Keith Anderson (24/08/2016)
  • I went to Bedwell between 1968 till 1970, I remember Mr Dobson, also Mrs Bennet (English), Mr Cleaves also Mr Trout, who someone nicknamed “Dog end” due to his smoking.

    i remember classmates: Mark Cook, Mark Knotley, Philip Penfound, Kevin Mills, Basil Godfrey, David Skinner.

    By Evan Rees (12/07/2016)
  • Hi Keith Anderson, great to hear your Mum still well and I remember your Mum and dad clearly, must have been a bit wary of them to be “respectfull” !! Also recall Paul Elphick being hung out the window by Mr Rogers…

    By Keith Allan (22/06/2016)
  • I attended (well most of the time) from 65/69 along with my elder sister Jane. Mates with Phil Marriott, Steve Jarvis, Chris Clark . Was it mr Crick who was head ? Then mr Thomas? I remember being dangled out of the 3rd floor maths class by mr Rogers? ( I think I may have got to him that day). Mr Trout! great history teacher ! 

    By Paul elphick (01/06/2016)
  • I have just come across this site.  I was in Newsom and remember mr Wallace, mr/mrs Walton, mr Pincot, mr Cook, miss Barwick, mr Francis, mr Bailey, miss Jackson mr Walker mrs Allen mr Boswell, those were the days.


    By Laurie noonan (Simmons) (24/05/2016)
  • Hey Keith Allan, the Mecca is a bad idea lol, Poachers, not so sure, was just speaking with me mum (87 years old) she wants to say Hello and let you know she remembers you well, you were in her words ‘always very respectful’ when you came to visit 🙂

    By Keith Anderson (22/05/2016)
  • Hey Keith Anderson,.. hope all is well with you,.. amazing spread of locations everyone has ended up at.  Heading to the UK around July and will call into Stevenage at some stage. May re-live an evening at the Gamekeeper which I think is the Poachers? Then head down to The Mecca !!! …maybe not…. 

    By keith allan (08/04/2016)
  • Keith Allan, I remember you well, New Zealand HUH! I’m actually now in Ponca City OK USA, how times change, good to see you are still alive and kicking 🙂

    By Keith Anderson (21/03/2016)
  • Just came across this page,I left school 1970 and remember some of the above names. Sorry to hear about Ian Anderson. Am in New Zealand now but do get back now and again  

    By keith allan (16/03/2016)
  • I went to Bedwell secondary school from 1969-1974. Mr Donson was there then Mr Wallace. All my 4 children later attended.  Anyone who remembers me can contact me via this website. It would be great to hear from you.  This brings back so many memories!

    By John Palliser (08/02/2016)
  • Hi Steve, yes my brother Ian unfortunately passed away in an accident years ago

    By keith anderson (22/12/2015)
  • I went to Bedwell from the day the new school opened in 1965 until 1970.

    Same year as Phil Birmingham. Keith Anderson, did you have a brother Ian who was in my class? He and Keith Allen used to hang around together.

    By Steve (09/12/2015)
  • I knew Phil Birmingham and Nigel Mercer, wow it’s been a long time

    By Keith Anderson (02/10/2015)
  • Nigel, I believe  I was in your class, were good friends with Derek Kum? Or was that someone else in our group.

    By michael White (16/09/2015)
  • school sec Mrs Marriot were the owners of Marriots farm, the land the school is on was compulsory purchased after second world war. Mr Donson was the second head. I was the first first year 66 with 2nd and 3rd having been at Nobel and got to be an extra in Mulberry Bush I am the kid sitting on the school gate. nigel mercer

    By nigel mercer (31/07/2015)
  • Newsom,Whitney,Grange,Silkin(green,blue,red,yellow),

    Nigel,I remember you,I was in Grange,Trevor have known after school,Jon

    By jon whitbread (12/05/2015)
  • Can anyone tell me the names of the houses. I was attending this school 1970-1975.I know Silkin,Newton,Grange were 3 of them cant remember the others.THANKS

    By penny (nee : deadman ) (30/04/2015)
  • Just a long shot but was anyone at Bedwell secondary school, Telford Avenue in 1963/64 ? My name is Jane Dow I’m looking for Margaret Dolby or a girl called Marjory. There was also a guy called Phillip Lavelle ( I think).

    By Jane Dow (03/02/2015)
  • I remember Mr Dobson and then Mr Wallace. There was also I think Mr Pincott (maths), Mr Grace (English), Mrs McCarthy (geography), Mr Walton (pottery/art), Mrs Walton (art)

    In my class were Mark Manser, Gareth Dent, Colin Taylor, Di Parker, Maggie Bollans, Trevor Palmer.

    By Richard Adams (13/12/2014)
  • hello Tina Jenkins. I dont remember but Im sorry for running you over with my bike.

    By Nigelpinder (28/10/2014)
  • I graduated in 1979 Mr Wallace seemed so tall. Mr. Pinchot had piercing blue eyes and taught maths. Anyone in my class remember The drought ’76 sports day?


    By Sharon white (15/09/2014)
  • I was at Bedwell 1969-1974 off and on. I remember Nigel Pinder (You ran me over on your bike but i deserved it) and Martin Kent who was in my class!

    By Tina Jenkins (11/08/2014)
  • I was at Bedwell. Headmaster was a Mr. Donson. Gym teacher was Mr. Cook. Art teacher was Mr. Walton. Would like to hear from anyone who thinks they know me.

    By Philip Birmingham (25/07/2014)
  • I briefly attended Bedwell Secondary, from September 1980 – October 1981. I was in ‘2S.’ I wouldn’t mind hearing from anybody who was my, then, classmate

    By B. Robinson (01/04/2014)
  • We are having a reunion for class 1978-1983 in jan next year, please get in touch if that is you. Also looking for a badge from Bedwell for that year if anyone has one.

    By Suzanne Brown (27/11/2013)
  • Hi All, Just seen the school photos on friendsreunited!!!!! Has anyone got an original of the photo? Would love a copy…

    By Paul Reader (31/03/2013)
  • I went to this School during the 70s, Dobson then Wallace the 2 headmasters whilst I was there in the same class as Nigel

    By Martin kent (14/01/2013)
  • I went to Bedwell secondary school from 1969-1974. Mr Donson was there then came Mr Wallace. “Young man, my office” was his usual bellow to me, I knew what was coming, 6 of the best via 1/2″ wooden dowel across my arse, eagerly supplied by Mr Evans (head of middle school if I recall) from the woodwork class, ah happy days.

    By Nigel pinder (23/05/2012)
  • I attended Bedwell school from 1967 to 1972. I knew of 2 Headmasters, Mr Donson pupils called him dilly dally, then Mr Wallace who later became head of herts education. I also had 2 sisters and 3 cousins attend Bedwell

    By PETER HERBERT (10/05/2012)
  • Comment from Pete Martin

    You say Bedwell school is now Marriots, I was wondering if this was related to Mrs. Marriot who was the school secretary I suppose in those days. I was at Bedwell for maybe 18 months at Nobel then we went to the new school. Mr. Crick was Headmaster and I visited in the early 80’s and caught up with a few that I was at school with. Things have changed and nobody can go back. They weren’t so bad I suppose.Hope the kids these days get as much from school as we did. If any of the old school read this hello from Aus. Pete Martin.

    By M S (30/04/2012)
  • The Bedwell School opened around 1962 or 1963 but it was annexed for the first one or two years (until September 1964?) with The Nobel Grammar School at Nobel’s then brand new site in Telford Avenue, after which it moved to its own site, also in Telford Avenue. From September 1980, it took over (using current terminology for school years) year 8 from Chells School, and also students who had intended to start at Chells in year 7 went instead to Bedwell. (Years 9, 10 and 11 continued at Chells until Chells closed from July 1983. Most intending year 12 and 13 went to Bedwell at this stage.) In summer 1967, outside views of Bedwell were taken, to be featured in the film Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush. The Bedwell School (now Marriotts School) continues at its Telford Avenue site, which is currently undergoing a major rebuilding programme.

    By Robin Parker (20/09/2011)
  • i went to bedwell secondery school from 1974 to 1979 i would like to hear from any one that was in my class my name was jackie pennell

    By jackie billingham (11/06/2011)