Bedwell School 1966

Scans of panoramic photo taken spring/summer 1966

By Steve Dance

Photo has seen better days but it is 49 years old!

Surprisingly I can recall quite a few names here.

Brings back a lot of memories.

[Personal contact details redacted, 8.4.19, due to site policy (no personal contact details to be published). Ed.]


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  • Mr. COOK proved to be an inspiration for me, taking the time one day to chat to myself and Laurie Mciver. Explaining the importance to travel and see the world over material objects. After leading a British expedition in 2004 in Nigeria and promoting education in Nigeria I was made an honoury Chief. I later facilitated the return of the first two Benin Bronzes back to the king/oba of Benin City. Thank you Mr. Cook for taking the time to speak to Laurie and myself that day.

    By Steve Dunstone (27/01/2023)
  • Stuart Cook – your dad taught me in the 60s and was a terrific teacher and an all-round good man. And your mum, as I remember an evening round your mum and dad’s house not long after I left school. Genuinely good people committed to doing the very best they could for working class kids. Do say hello to them from me. I hope they remember me as fondly as I remember then.

    James McWilliams

    By James McWilliams (13/06/2021)
  • Mr Cook was my PE Teacher. He introduced me to running and gave me a chase to full filled my dream and got me into the running club (ridlins athletic club ) and some how sorted it so I never paid we had no money to pay I ran for the county cos of him fantastic days loved PE. He did give me the slipper for not showering as it was bloody cold that day lol Brilliant PE teacher can’t remember his second subject One of the best teachers at that school You should be proud

    By M Williamson (29/12/2020)
  • OMG – I have just seen a picture of my dad – Mr Cook – in one of these pictures. Can’t believe he looked so young! I think he was one of the first teachers at the school.

    By Stuart Cook (26/04/2020)
  • Gosh, how fascinating, I’ve looked to see if I can recognise any of my siblings , Vicky, Maria & Nick Haynes, but it’s not very clear,
    Have you got a brother called Danny?
    Would you pease email me the higher resolution scan of the whole thing, I would be most greatful.
    Many thanks
    Pru Zealey (Haynes!)

    [Pru, sorry but we do not allow personal contact details to be published on the site and I have redacted Steve’s email address, which must have been published in error. However, if you click on one of the photo panels, you will get a larger version of the image and if you then move your cursor over that you will get a high-magnification zoom and you can pan round the photo by moving the cursor. I think you should be able to recognise your siblings that way if they’re there. Ed.]

    [Please note that the above instructions for getting a close up view of the photos does not work in the mobile implementation. Ed.]

    By Prudence Zealey (07/04/2019)