Collenswood School entrance

By Pauline Maryan

Collenswood School entrance
Stvenage Museum P6977

Collenswood School opened in borrowed premises at Barnwell School, and it is not clear when it moved to its own site (pictured here) in Collenswood Road, but it must have been c. 1963.

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  • I attended Collenswood School in 1962,we were the top year as the school had only just gone into the premises,and there was only one year below us. I moved to a Stevenage from London,and I was overwhelmed by such a beautiful school that had everything. A Science lab,a Metal work room,and Woodwork room, and well equipped kitchens for Domestic science. The Headmaster was Mr MacArthur,and the Headmistress was Mrs Roma Godden,they were formidable charachters, and the students had great respect for them. The teachers that I can remember were,Mr Derek Knightley,English,Mr Plumb,Maths,Mr Athol Jacques French,Mr Grafton Biology, and Science, Mr Barker,boys PE teacher,Mrs Knightley,girls PE teacher,Mrs Anderson Music teacher. That’s all I can remember,but all of the teachers were there to help, but of course there were always Children that didn’t want to learn,and I for one regret not paying more attention,and putting more effort in
    while I was there. I left after Christmas in 1966.

    By Susan Drage nee Malcolm. (10/09/2021)
  • We moved into good old Collenswood School in September 1962 ! The first year the woodwork class room was the school hall ,the rest of the school was just half built.

    By Connor Daly (12/08/2013)