Collenswood School Archive

2014 Archive of Collenswood School Stevenage

By Markus Milligan

Opened on Nov. 1961, Collenswood closed in 2006, merging with Barnwell School.

This page was added on 11/12/2014.

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  • Great nostalgia. Myself (Andy Bryan) and wife (Linda nee Morey) have many happy memories of Collenswood (’75 to ’82).

    By Andy Bryan (23/10/2022)
  • That room most famously being the long-term lair of the late great Lionel Westcott.

    By Graeme Innes-Johnstone (26/02/2021)
  • Ken Head used to do the A Level English classes in that room

    By Kevin Lansdown (21/07/2020)
  • Cant see any pics of that room.
    As you went under that walkway, there was a door, and that was my English room. You could only fit about 10 or 15 kids in there.

    By Lesley Convery (26/06/2020)
  • There was a little room just after the entrance to the hall. Just as you go under the walkway towards the offices. We had English in there. It was really small , but we all enjoyed our lessons there.

    By Lesley Convery (26/06/2020)