Looking for School Records and School Photos

Collenswood School in the Sixties

By John F Dunster

Well as The Headings say, I’m looking for records & Photographs of Collenswood Secondary Modern School. I was there only for about 6 years(1963 to 1969). I cannot remember too much about my school life really, but I had a real good friend at Broadwater Crescent. I lived on the Corner of Broadwater Cres & The main road which I cannot remember either. After I left School I went to work as an apprentice toolmaker at Marconi Instruments & Stevenage College of Further Education until 1969. We then emigrated to Canada. The school friend I remembered his name (Michael Henderson) and like I wish I could have remembered more. I really enjoyed my time in Stevenage and over the course of time I have lost all Documentations and School Photos, and of course lost his address, so I hope you can help me, regards John.

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  • I recall all the memories of those who have written before. And yes Mr Head, Mr Sparrow and Mr Miller I have good memories. I was at the school between 1968 – 1974. I was captain of the Basketball and Football teams. I recall forming a band and playing at the school. Great times. Reach out if you remember me.

    By Garry Kay now Garry Denny (11/08/2020)
  • I was there from 1980 to 1984. There were two head teachers, Mr. McArthur for the boys, but I cannot think of the name of the lady who was head of the girls. She taught all subjects and would quite often fill in if a teacher was off.

    By Lesley Convery (27/06/2020)
  • I was at Collenswood 1974-1981. Mr MacArthur was Head and Mr Lyndsey was Deputy. In English Mr Head bullied me and put me off language for life – something I’ve never forgiven him for. I loved Technical drawing with Mr Duffy. I remember Mr Miller, Mr Sparrow, Mr Cleare, Mrs Beard, Mr Edwards, the guy who taught Applied Maths – with the big ginger beard, he was great. School mates I remember – Dave Chapman, Robert Cato, Neil Bugler, Joe Sapsford, Denise Porter, Hillary Mudge, Alison Greene, Brian Mole, Bradley Paine. I held the triple jump record until the school closed 🙂 I think it was 11.76m.

    By Neil Bonfield (06/06/2020)
  • I remember mr Jones rural studies I was in his form. Left in 1970 MacArthur was not happy as I said I would stay on. Mr Hanford was the PE teacher miss coley English. Good school good memories.

    By Chris Fry (12/04/2020)
  • The Deputy Head who brought her dog to school was Miss Loveridge. I don’t know what the dog was called. It would lay in her office on a cushion.

    By Tony Wheeler (02/08/2019)
  • I would have attended Collenswood from 1966-1971
    The teachers that made the most impression were Mr. Head and Mr. Sparrow
    The pupils I recall mostly fondly are David Perkins, John Baxter, Wendy Fensome, Linda Shepherd and Judith Maryon.
    I did enjoy assembly each morning and listening to classical music. Mr. McArthur was head and a lady who would bring her dog to school with her was deputy.

    By Jacqueline Fletcher-Snodgrass (21/10/2018)
  • I remember you Mr Dunster, you were one year above me, we didn’t speak so you won’t remember me but I saw you involved with fisticuffs with another from my year. You left in 68 because I was 6th year in 69.

    By William Jones (15/11/2017)

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