Girls' Grammar School under construction

By Pauline Maryan

Girls' Grammar School under construction
Stevenage Museum PP1426

The Girls’ Grammar Schol nearing completion on its Valley Way site in 1968.

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  • Definitely had a swimming pool as I trained in it with Stevenage Swimming Club from 1977 …attended Stevenage Girls from 1977 to 1982 and still the pool was there, on the left through gates off Valley Road.

    By Alison Seales nee Butler (27/05/2019)
  • Stevenage girls grammar certainly did have it’s own swimming pool. I attended therefrom Sept 1974- May 1979.

    By Jacqueline Floyd (was Jeffreys) (20/11/2018)
  • Yes def had a pool, ran out of excuses every week to avoid swimming, didn’t want to get my hair wet and ruin my ‘flick’ lol.
    Mr S was caretaker.
    Donna 1974-1979

    By Donna (26/02/2018)
  • Yes, the image shown, above, is that of the Stevenage Girls’ School (formerly the Girls’ Grammar School) which was built in Valley Way and replaced the old building located on Six Hills Way. The new building had the swimming pool.

    By L Davies (23/10/2017)
  • I went there from 1963 and we had to file through to next door Nobel school which had a pool.

    By Sian Clifford, nee Thomas (08/10/2017)
  • Yes, sorry to all those who think there was a pool. There probably was….after my time. I was thinking of the old Girls’ Grammar School which was on Six Hills Way, now demolished I believe…..but both schools look much alike….all that glass, and both had the same care-taker.

    By Valerie Galvin (04/06/2017)
  • I’m pretty sure there was no swimming pool there when I was there from 1959-1965….if we are talking about the building on Six Hills Way. I certainly remember having to go on a horrible bus journey to somewhere [Baldock?] to the swimming pool of a factory [Spirella?]. I always felt sick on the way back, after a usually freezing time in the open-air pool, with only a dried-up sandwich for lunch. Not a happy memory but verifies that there certainly was no pool at the school then, though they may have built one after that.
    Perhaps this isn’t the same building above as the one I am talking about, but they are very similar. Please ignore if I am wrong

    By Valerie Galvin (14/05/2017)
  • It certainly did. I remember Miss Hall, the PE teacher, putting her foot on my head when I was in the pool to try and make me go underwater to fetch the brick from the bottom!

    By Debbie Castle (22/05/2016)
  • As above, it absolutely did have a pool opposite the caretakers house- in my day one Mr Scrivener. I left in 1979. I have no idea when it was demolished but what a shame it was.

    By L Davies (12/10/2015)
  • It certainly did have it’s own swiming pool, indoor oposite the caretakers bungalow. My father was the school caretaker, Jim Braddy

    By Peter Braddy (23/08/2015)
  • A group of us who left the school in 1971 cannot agree on whether or not the Valley Way school had its own swimming pool. Can anyone settle this for us?

    By Alison Pearson (23/06/2015)

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