Clark and Greenshields Motorbike Shop

Remember this Queensway shop?

Peter Clark, Connie Clark, Ivy Greenshields and Mr Greenshields
Clark and Greenshields shop Christmas 1962
Trader Publishing Co
Mr Greenshields in the shop
Bike grass-track meeting at Langley in September 1957-59. Left to right: Unknown, Connie Clark, Peter Clark, Mr Greenshields
Fred Norman outside the shop 1985
Fred Norman and Norman Peach 1980s
Norman Peach and Peter Hall 1980s

These wonderful photographs of the Clark and Greenshields/Peters motorbike shop which operated in Queensway for many years were provided by Fred Norman.

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  • I bought my Honda cb 250 g5 and Paul pitman’s Honda cb 500-4 from there and worked there for a while in the 70s made some great memories with a lot of the customers,I’m still in contact with one he’s my best mate,my last bike was Yamaha xjr 1300 sold it about 10 years ago

    By Leroy titre (24/01/2024)
  • What memories! I bought the following bikes in the 70s from there: Honda cb250 k4 Honda cb500-4 and Suzuki GT750. Great days, not a care in the world and at 68 still riding BMW

    By Paul Pitman (28/07/2023)
  • I purchased my first BSA 1954 650 gold flash with a double adult side car great machine, cost 54 British pounds year 1962.

    By Martin Lines (30/04/2021)
  • I worked at Spark & Legshields for a few years in the early 70s with Fred, Peter and Connie. As well as helping Fred, I assembled the Honda 50s that came in crates from Japan.

    By Chris Fone (06/02/2020)
  • I am Tony Paternoster and I remember those days . I worked in in c and g for 18 months then went to haddows in letchworth. I have gone downhill and have 1965 lambretta 150 special, recently purchased in hitchin. Live on south coast so it goes with the scenery, great to hear these stories.

    By Tony paternoster (09/04/2018)
  • This was my very first job interveiw 1974 went with class mate Tony Paternoster he got the job I got my second interveiw got the job Cramphorns pet shop the good old day when Stevenage was a great town to shop unlike today 

    By Marc Weston (29/01/2015)
  • We use to call this shop Clark and Legshields. I was attending the nearby Stevenage College during 1970 / 1971 and along with a group of mates would often pop in on the way home to gaze at the motorbikes and ask stupid questions. The staff must have been very patient! They had a small sand blaster that they used to clean old spark plugs. I owned an oily old BSA Bantam and remember using this service on a weekly basis.

    By Richard Wheeler (24/06/2013)
  • Ahh! Brings back fond memories of my rocker days when you had to spend as much time maintaining your bike as you did riding it. Couldn’t afford to pay a mechanic on apprentice wages. Without the guys at C & Gs a near impossibility … especially if you had to rely on picking up secondhand replacement parts from Rush Green!

    By Fred Paine (21/10/2012)