Stevenage Pipe Band

By Alan Ford

The Stevenage Pipe Band passing the Cromwell Hotel during the 1963 Carnival.

The Band used to practice in the yard behind the Unicorn Public House (now the Bombay Restaurant) in the High Street, and could, on summer evenings be heard from Fairview Road.

The Pipe Band always led the Remembrance Day Parades in the 1960s.

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  • My father Jim Bristow was also a member of stevenage pipeband. Dad passed away in 2003. Mrs McLean I’m sure was who taught my sister Susan and I Scottish dancing.

    By Kathleen Nye ( Bristow) (31/03/2021)
  • I would like to add the following to my earlier comment:

    Captain Nick Craydon was the original Drum Major and he was highly decorated for his action in WW2. He was awarded the French Légion d’honneur. Nick later became our Drill Officer.

    A correction of Glen Cooney for Gary Cooney. [Amended. Ed.]

    A loyal supporter of the band was a Cockney man (from London) called Burt Dewey.

    By Gary Rolls (14/05/2020)
  • I became a piper in The Stevenage Pipe band and Andy Perry taught me how to play the chanter and later the Goose bag (a conventional bag, mouth piece and chanter without the drones) and later [still] the full set of pipes.

    I started learning in 1964 aged 11 and, once proficient on the pipes, played in the Junior Pipe Band and we travelled to Cowal Games, Dunoon, Scotland for the World Championships where we gained valuable confidence & experience. I then progressed with many others from the Junior band into the Senior band.

    [I took part in] The Stevenage Carnival, Stevenage Rememberance Day, along with competitions held in Richmond, Surrey, Corby, Northants, Harpenden and Woburn Abbey. We played at the Royal Albert Hall for The Burma Star Association Commemoration in front of the Royal Family. Mike Yarwood was the compere. Dougy Perry, ex Gordon Highlander, son of Andy Perry, myself Gary Rolls and 2 pipers from an Oxford pipe band travelled to Sweden for an International music festival where we performed many times over a ten day period. Dougy and myself also travelled to Brest in France for a promotional performance. These piping engagements were arranged by ex British Army Pipe Major Willy Cochrane who to this day still engages pipers for UK & International performances and for many famous celebrities. The secretary of The Stevenage Pipe band was Scotty Maclean. She had a powerful influence in helping to establish with Andy Perry and many others, associated with the band, in its formation and success. Other members of the band were Pipe Majors Hector McClelan & Jimmy Buchanon, Bill Budge, Drum Sargent who was an outstanding, talented drummer who had famous connections within the music industry. His sons Ian & Derek played in the band and later more of his family also joined. John Buchanon, Neil Mulvy, Derek Biggs, Graham & David Maclean, Jimmy Sterling, Peter and Angela Batchelor, Dan Cooney, Drum Major, Kieran & Glen Cooney. Donald Henderson, an excellent piper who also played for the highland dancers, associated with the band, his daughter Morag and her friend Lynda. I left the band when I was 22 in 1975 when my career took me to Hereford. I apologise in advance to any member I may have forgotten/overlooked.

    By Gary Rolls (20/02/2020)
  • Hei Angela

    If you go to British Pathe web side, and search for,
    Lapland Barclay School, the Clip starts With the Stevenage pipeband in 1968, walking up the high street. Hope you see what you want.

    By andrew briars (06/08/2018)
  • I am looking for pics of myself Angela Batchelor playing drum and my brother peter who used to play the base drum in the 60s. If anyone knows where I could maybe find some would they email me please. Thank you.

    By Angela Bathurst (06/07/2015)