Bacavian Rugby Team. c.1960's

By Simon Mortimer

Bacavians Rugby Team. c.1960's
Stevenage Museum. PP451

Do you know any of the people in this photo taken in the 1960’s ?

Eric Kingsland is on the very left at the back row.

Then on the front row, second from the left is Fred McCarthy, with Mel Swain to the right of him.

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  • Starting on the back row from the left
    Eric Kingsland, Brian Hall (Stevenage Councillor), Tony Smith, “Jesse” James, ano, Dennis Potterill, ano, ano, ano, Gerry Ramsey, President Henry Wells,
    Front row, Ano, Fred McCarthy, Fred Schofield ( who also became a Stevenage Councillor, Mike Robertson (Not Mel Swain – he was a footballer, cricketer and bowls fanatic.) and finally Dace Thomas.
    I used to know all the names as Team Secretary, but memory dims!
    Fred McCarthy

    By Fred McCarthy (21/05/2018)
  • Front row sitting  extreme right looks like Dave Thomas. The person standing looks like Henry (?).

    By Rhys Parry (01/07/2015)
  • Bacavian Rugby Team. Third from left, back row, Tony Smith. One of the few players not employed by British Aerospace

    By Tony Smith (29/01/2012)