Here we go round the Mulberry Bush

'Jamie and his one-track mind'
Clip from Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush

I think it was in the early sixties that a film was made in Stevenage.  It was called ”Here we go ‘round the Mulberry Bush” and parts of it showed teenagers (who were just as feared and mistrusted then as they are today) inside the furniture shop, Perrings, jumping around the furniture and smoking cannabis, and generally acting badly, as teenagers are always projected.

[It was made in 1968. Ed]


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  • This site has ‘then and now’ photos of the various filming locations:

    By Tim G (16/03/2022)
  • I remember it well, the school scenes were taken at Bedwell secondary modern and on occasions we played football with Barry Evens between takes. The cycle screen was taken by our house and I delivered papers in the area of the house they used, later delivering to the new occupants after shooting had finished. Loved growing up there.

    By Phil Barker (21/06/2018)
  • Yes it was 1967. I got married early in 1967 and we moved in to a new 3 bed house on Jessop Road and I clearly remember the film being shot in and around where we lived. So lucky, just the two of us and a new 3 bed house, my goodness how times have changed!!

    By Martin B (08/09/2017)
  • I remember it well, it starred Barry Evans and, I think, Adrienne Poster. It is still available on DVD and Blue Ray and I got it last year

    By Maureen Browning (nee Dayton) (30/04/2015)
  • If you watch the film closely you will notice that the house that the star lived in was in Jessop Road – look for the underpass – what a risque film that was at the time!

    By Tony Smith (31/05/2012)
  • Here are the details about this film. It was 1967. Hokey-looking now, but was quite a successful light-hearted comedy at the time.

    By Howard Roberts (07/02/2012)