Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush Now & Then, Part 1

Documentary on the locations used in the film

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  • Thank you ever so much for that link. Every time I watch the film of Here we go ’round the mullbery bush all the memories flood back,happy times. My family used to live at the hyde, so we would get the bandley hill bus, the 800. I lived near webb rise in 1994 my very own(Rented)first flat,which I loved. I lived there for 11 great years. Right near the oval shops. Also not that far from the town. My mum used to live near mossbury, near to where Jamie (Barry Evans) had gone to deliver food. When here we go ’round the mullbery bush was first filmed everything was so new. A lot of the trees were just saplings, little twigs in the streets furniture! I had met in the 1970s one of the actors from the film, Adrianne Posta. She played Linda.When the boston kickout was being fiilmed I was walking by bedwell and saw John Simm. He must have been acting running down the path wet and looked like there was smears of blood on his teashirt. There was an ambulence outside.When I saw this I was shocked, thinking “Poor people.There must have been an accident!” When I saw the film I remember John Simm exactly what I saw him do, running down the path from “his house”. When I saw him though there were no cameras about. I have found that the places in here we go ’round the mullbury bush are definately familiar and now know where they were fimed. As I once thought that Jamie lived at wisdon road, as part of the film. Thank you again for sending me the information, I have been enlightend about where some places were being filmed.

    By John lingley (07/03/2011)