Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush Now & Then, Part 2

Documentary on the locations used in the film

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  • I remember this film being made, at the time it caused quite a stir to think Stevenage was going to be in a film. What a great shame about the Long Ship. It was a lovely mosaic and many a night was spent there. I met my husband there!! Also the fountain.. this was a meeting place for kids at the time. Saturday afternoon at the fountain outside Woolies (Woolworths) Woolworths was next door to Boots and you could cut through the stores into where the market was. The Supermarket was at that time the biggest?? Originally Fine Fare and in the aisles there were butchers and the meat was cut and then heat sealed… Woolies had the cake & biscuit section and you could buy broken biscuits. The cakes, madeira, battenburg etc all in long rectangles that you bought by the half or pound weight…. Thanks for the film…

    By Terri Anderson (19/06/2012)