[Abstract], by Dick Fowler

By Pauline Maryan

[Abstract] by Dick Fowler
Stevenage Museum P3262

Do you know where this abstract is/was? The photo was taken in 1964 in the area of Archer Road or Lonsdale Road.

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  • I believe that it was located in front of the shops at Pin Green Shopping Centre, at the top of Archer Rd, and recall climbing on it in the late 1960’s. Later replaced by fountains and telephone boxes. There was another “banana” shaped sculpture nearby outside the King Pin pub which is still there I believe. Sadly the pub is not….

    [The “other sculpture” was King Pin. Ed.]

    By Martin Clark (27/07/2021)
  • is there any news on dick fowler.. sculptures in Stevenage.. and what happened. to the sculpture of ABSTRACT. in Archer Road

    By Allan king (13/05/2021)
  • what happen to it. it so sad Dick Fowler

    By Allan (26/02/2020)
  • My Nan lived in the flats behind this sculpture in Lonsdale road from the late 60’s to 71 (when we immigrated to Western Australia). I was 10 when we left and I remember playing on the sculpture from about 8 years old whenever I stayed with her.

    By sharon chamberlain (01/03/2013)