Fish, by Mark Harvey

Elm Green

By Pauline Maryan

Fish, by Mark Harvey
Stevenage Museum P3261

Does anyone know if this has survived?

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  • How exciting to find this page! As a very young lad my family and I got to know Mark and family and i remember visiting them while this fish was work in progress. We were invited to play on it. I lived in Datchworth for 18 years and got to know the wider area pretty well. Stevenage new town was an old haunt as I grew up.

    By Graham McLusky (30/08/2021)
  • Yes, it was, Debbie.  I have since been in touch with Mark Harvey’s family, who are pleased that his work (particularly the Polar Bear at the Glebe) is still remembered.  Sadly this wood Fish was destroyed by fire by vandals many years ago.

    By Pauline Maryan (20/09/2016)
  • wasn’t that by the shops in Chells way by Austen Paths?

    By debbie wickens (16/07/2011)