[Nameless abstract], by Jose De Alberdi

The Forum

By Pauline Maryan

[Nameless abstract] by Jose De Alberdi
Pauline Maryan

This fibreglass sculpture was originally placed at the junction of Queensway and The Forum in 1972, but was later moved further east along The Forum to its present site.

Its Basque sculptor was reported in the Stevenage Gazette (29 March 1972, p. 3) as “cheerfully admitting that he didn’t have a clue as to what it was, or what it meant.”

Costing £3,000, it was unveiled by Nigel Abercrombie of the Arts Council.

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  • Now my friends and I always knew this as Albirdies, didn’t know the name of the artist at the time (1982). but now I know exactly why we called it that.

    By P Woolnough (19/11/2019)
  • We always called this one ‘The Giraffe’

    By JacMac (01/12/2018)
  • I remember this as a teenager but more so as an adult and my children playing on it, they called it the animal and we still do today 30 years later

    By Martin kent (11/05/2016)
  • As a child I remember climbing on this (with a host of other bored urchins) while waiting for our mums to come out of C&A, and my big sister to come out of the record shop (Our Price Records?) Late 70s early 80s I believe.

    By L Kendrick (25/03/2013)