Sculptures in Symonds Green

Working with artist Simon Jones

By Martine Blaney

I was browsing Our Stevenage when I saw the photos of sculptures in Symonds Green. In 1976 I was Assistant Town Artist working with Simon Jones who created the Robots and the other quirky sculptures in Symonds Green – the abstracts, the teardrops and the playing cards etc.. I made carved out moulds of sea creatures and shells for some concrete walls in the area –  I hope they are still there?? The day the concrete was poured into the shuttering for the walls was brilliant – such an event!

We had a workshop at The Glebe shopping centre. I remember painting the sculptures – Simon had ordered some special weather proof paint from Scotland. I remember painting in that very hot summer of 1976 whilst listening to John Peel on a small portable radio. I particularly liked painting the robots – I painted them in silver with black detail. I remember that Simon also created a Big Chair sculpture – I’m wondering if this still exists? It was a great job, but a temporary one alas! My name then was Martine Lynch.With best regards, Martine (Bedfordshire)

See pages 14 and 15 of Concrete Quarterly 1977.

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  • Hi just to let you know Stevenage is 70 years old this year and as a birthday project Symonds Green Scouts along with the sculptor are going to give the statues a lick of paint.

    By Martin kent (12/02/2016)