[Wall sculpture] by Peter Lyon

Above McDonald's restaurant in the Town Square

By Pauline Maryan

[Wall sculpture], by Peter Lyon
Pauline Maryan
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Peter Lyon’s unnamed wall sculpture, in welded aluminium plate, was mounted above McDonald’s restaurant, facing the bus station, in 1964. It is particularly interesting for the shadows it casts at different times of the day.

An original model of the sculpture is in Stevenage Museum.

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  • This sculpture is still in situ, overlooking the bus terminus. I also vaguely remember something about it representing ‘Jack Frost’. It is supposed to be lit at night, as its ‘shadow,’ is part of the design. However, I have not recently seen it during the hours of darkness and do not know whether the light still works as the building it’s attached to is currently empty.

    By John Thorn (31/07/2019)
  • I think this is no longer there, which is a pity. Sculpture and art enhance our environment

    By JacMac (01/12/2018)
  • I don’t think Mc D’s was there in 1964, cant remember what was but I do remember the excitement of getting a ‘Mc Donalds’ in stevenage. 

    By John Menich (11/10/2016)
  • I was always told this one was named ‘Jack Frost’ an abstract of the icy bringer of winter!

    By Andy Hills (15/04/2011)

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